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急用幫幫忙 ~幫我翻成英文自傳







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    Born in Chiayi County, six Su-foot Rural Village, a small village, home of four members, my father is now resting at home, the mother in a small textile companies when staff small, well-off economic situation at home, family and well-being of music.

    Parents at an early age in order to educate our democratic way of communication, so that we care, well-being of the environment grow up I am an independent, pro-active, responsible and progressive attitude towards life, his sincere, serious and responsible work, good communication and teamwork, HI Forming good to accept the challenge and pressure to express themselves, in good health, no bad habits. During the school is not among the best, but it has been going mission with an open mind and accept the teachings of their teachers.

    I think on the merits of his personality is optimistic about the progress, I am optimistic about the personality of the frustration may soon stand up, the more the more down-Da Budao the spirit of things seriously listen to the speech of others, a clear understanding of each other like to say so I have more affinity and to be able to successfully resolve the conflict. Career planning for the future, I am most looking forward to the challenge is to accept more seriously do a good job in the delivery of the work, enjoy a greater diversity of experience, because if there is no real attempt to serious Fangshouquzuo, Will always be on paper only, without understanding the real needs of the workplace.

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    The new work will be a new challenge, after all, I have learned in school is only open more I learn more in the field of practical work so that I can apply what they have learned to become aware of the fun, I must be sincere and serious in order to The heart to do it better,

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    the most important thing is that I will be continuing to equip themselves with new applications from time to time, and a serious foot to the new things to learn, and to equip themselves with no fear of facing difficulties in the future.

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