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請問英文 3人互相對談

我們這次考試需要三人 互相談話

是關於 運動的

conversation example.

Alex: Which kind of sports do you like?

Luc:I like tennis .

Alex: Then you like anything?( 問第三個人)

Tom: X X X X X .

雖然我不知道 第一句我翻的對嗎...






但是一定要關於 運動的

可否請精通英文之人 幫我們想出 這段談話

送上20點 和我滿滿的謝意




Update 2:

就是盡量簡單點 單字也盡量用簡單點 我還有另外兩個同學

increase tennis badminton racket pitcher .... 幾乎都看無 更別說要唸出來給老外聽.. 事關重大

我還想再問一個問題.. Turn on the TV set. 這一句

後面set的意思是什麼 ?

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    A: Turn on the TV set. There’s a baseball match now. It’s exciting. I have expected for a week.

    B: You look very interested in baseball. Do you usually play baseball?

    C: You are right. He is crazy for baseball and plays with his classmates at school once a week.

    A: Yes, I am the pitcher. The pitcher is the most important player, and I have a strong arm.

    B: Yes, I can understand. You are always good at exercising. After watching the baseball match we can do some exercise and recreation. Today is Saturday.

    C: Sure, we shouldn’t waste our time and just stay at home. So, what sport do you want to play? What do you suggest?

    A: I have no idea. I need a vacation to relieve tension, not to increase it.

    B: All right. Do something exciting and interesting. Then how about roller-skating or cycling?

    C: Do we have to do something difficult? How about water sport? We can go swimming. I can swim freestyle, and I can teach both of you.

    A: Come on, is that easier? I think we can play tennis or badminton. That’s better, and we also have tennis rackets and badminton rackets.

    B: Sounds great. We can play in the stadium which is next to my grandmother’s house. But we need one more person to join us.

    C: I can visit my cousin to play with us, so we have two pairs. He is also a good sports player.

    A: That’s perfect. I think you had better to call him now, and let him know what time we will arrive at the stadium.

    B: Ok, I'll call him. Also we have to prepare the rackets, water and change our sport shirts.

    C: OK. That’s a deal. What a wonderful Saturday.

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    有單字嗎?我可以告訴你,如果覺得句子太長,你可以把長一點的前後幾劇去掉沒關係,不會影響到意思,如第一句可以縮短為There’s a baseball match now. It’s exciting. 就好了

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