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Ladies, would you date a guy who has Asperger's Syndrome?

It's an honest question. I'm not the macho-jock "bad boy" type at all. I'm the clean-cut geeky, nerdy, intellectual type. I'm a well-cultured individual. I'm almost 30 years old and finally graduating from Texas State next semester with a Bachelor's Degree in Geography. I'm going to work in alternative energy. Would you date a guy who has Asperger's? Just tell me the truth! I won't be offended. Trust me!

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    Definately if you're a good person. :p

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    your tell that person why would you get your face been off lol stop beeing rude. here goes i have a boyfriend i been together 5years we both have a disablity i'm blind he is total beening he dont see anything i have some vision just not very much. i am very use i got Asperger's Syndrome and have had it for years i'm going to be going to the doctors soon to get myslef sorted out i think anybody with a disablity at the end of the day we are hunma beeings so we are our selfs at the end of the day. so yes i would go out with somebody with Asperger's Syndrome and any other disablity. everybody desive a chance dont they. good luck

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    lol i dont even know why i clicked on ur question because im not even a lady...yet -but if i was a lady and close to the age as u i would say it depends if ur cute! lol yeahhhh- u seem smart though

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    I would like to know what that is. I absolutely have no clue and I have never been in that situation so I can't tell you sorry

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