Do you know the SOUTH'S name for each battle?

1. Bull Run

2. Antietam

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    Bull Run: Manassas.

    Antietam: Sharpsburg.

    I don't know the South's name for every battle, but I know these without looking them up. I think I learned Manassas before I learned it in school. There was an Encyclopedia Brown mystery involving a sword that was supposedly awarded to Stonewall Jackson after the Battle of First Manassas, as was engraved on the sword. The clue was that they didn't know there was going to be a second Manassas!

    Source(s): I'm from the South.
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    The Union would sometimes refer to a battle by the nearest geographical feature, either a town/city, or a physical feature, such as the First and Second Battles of Bull Run (Creek) and the Battle of Antietam (Creek).

    The Confederacy would sometimes name a battle after the nearest railhead or town/city. Thus Bull Run would be referred to as the First and Second Battles of Manassas (Junction) and Antietam as the Battle of Sharpsburg.

  • the souths name for battle is ANTIETAM.

    where did you get the bull run??

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