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What is a scene girl?

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Im back, another dumb question, what is a scene girl? my friend showed me a vid and it said scene girls and they were hot so i want to know what the H**L they are, lol thanks everyone.
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  • KATIA answered 6 years ago
A scene girl is similar to an 'emo'. Scene 'kids' usually dress in a similar way, but with more bright co lours and black, often childish dress ups like wings or pirate hooks etc. Scene girls generally have the same kind of hairstyle, black and extremely layered with long different colored hair extensions. They generally wear a lot of eye makeup. They are usually white skinned but you find scene girls in a variety of ethnic groups.


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This rlly helped. Now i dont feel as stupid
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  • Lummo answered 6 years ago
    A scene girl is an emo without the makeup and cut wrists. They are attention seeking 13-16 year old girls looking to get noticed because their parents didn't love them enough as kids. They dress to get noticed, hang out with certain people to get noticed, and go to concerts or any place where teens will go, not for the music or the event, but to get noticed.

    If you ever see one while driving along, wind down your window and yell "AVERAGE!" at them.
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  • Girl, are you on your... answered 6 years ago
    A 'scene' girl is basically when 'emo' meets fashion.
    A bunch of teeny tiny girls w/ crazy, big hair, wild makeup, fake eyelashes, Hello Kitty, extensions, silly poses, and a camera.

    But, I'm not hating, they're super kawaii :)


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  • jade_darkfairy answered 6 years ago
    ok ... I'm scene! so my answer is the right answer...

    scene girls are the coolist sterotype ever, but they get mixed up w/ emos...idk how but we do.

    also we LOVE music, we know anything and everything about music, we are walking music dictionariesm

    we dress in skinny jeans, tight shirts, must have a bow in hair, bright colors, flats, vans, or converse...

    heavy on eyeliner and foundation... but there are many variations on make-up

    hair kinda like the 80's but modern and better!

    need more info? wikipedia... just type in how to be scene (will tell u more info)

    jeffre starr
    kiki kanible
    are the best scene ppl


    me! b*tch!

    cuz I'm scene!
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  • natalie answered 6 years ago
    its kind of emo but less goth and "i hate my life"
    trendy but like eyeliner and bright colors and skinny jeans in unconventional colors
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  • em answered 6 years ago
    they are girls that look/dress like this:

    please help me with the guy i like?
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  • Let's just say the whore queens of MySpace..
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  • i love you answered 6 years ago
    i acutally have no idea ?

    maybe a really sluty girl
    good guess?
    haha idk

    can you please answer my! ?

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  • What is a scene girl?
    Im back, another dumb question, what is a scene girl? my friend showed me a vid and it said scene girls and they were hot so i want to know what the H**L they are, lol thanks everyone.
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