How do you register for Royal status?

I am 32nd in direct line of descent from Egbert (c. 775-839), King of Wessex from 802 and of England 827 to 839. "But I dont know how to register into Royalty"? "My family now is American Carl Edward Ownby is my grand father." here is the link:

GO TO OGLE FOLLOW THAT ALL THE WAY DOWN THEN CLICK ON MOWBRAY THEN IT BEGIN'S. You'll have do go threw after mowbray to find all my decendents. Here is a list..

Coel 'Old_King_Coel' Coilus Britian

William I 'The_Conqueror' England, [Duke]

John 'Lackland' King England

Edward I 'Longshanks' England, King

Henry I 'Beauclerc' England, [King]

Henry II King England, 'Plantagenet'

Henry III King England

Ethelred II, 'The_Unready' England, King of England

Cynric, King Of England

Duff (Dubh), King Scotland

Malcolm I, King Scotland

Malcolm III, King Scotland Kenneth I, King Scotland, [MacAlpin]

Alpin, King Of Scotland

Eochaid IV King Scotland

Dongart, King Of Scotland

Kenneth II, King Scotland

Kenneth III King Scotland

Malcolm II King Scotland

Constantine I, King Scotland

Duncan I, King Scotland

Eochaid III King Scotland

Urgust, King Of Picts

Fergus (Ungust), King Picts

Erik, King Of Sweden

Emund Eriksson, [King of Sweden]

Olaf III King Sweden

Yngvi-Frey, King Of Swedes

Njord, King Of Swedes

Berenger II King Italy

Pippin (Carloman), King Italy

Bernard King Of Italy

Lothaire I Emperor Holy_Roman_Empir, [King of Italy]

Lothaire II King Lorraine

Charles II, 'The_Bald' Holy_Roman_Empir, King

Hugh Capet, King of France

Henri I France, King of France

Robert I King France, [Count of Paris]

Robert II

'The_Pious' France, King of France

Philippe I King France

Philippe II, King France

Philippe III King France

Louis IX King France

Louis VI King France

Louis VIII King France

Louis VII King France

Charlemagne, Emperor Of Holy_Roman_Empir, [King of the Fra

Foulques V 'le_jeune' Anjou, [King]

Cloderic 'The_Parricide' King Cologne

Siegbert I King Cologne, 'The Lame'

Childebert King Of Cologne

Clovis 'The_Riparian' King Cologne

Ceawlin, King Of Wessex

Egbert, King Of Wessex

Ethelwulf King Of Wessex

Cerdic, King Of Wessex

Ealhmund, Under-King Of Kent

Boso King Of Burgundy

Conrad I King Burgundy

Rudolph Burgundy, [King of]

Conrad II, King Burgundy

Conrad III, King Burgundy

Rudolph II King Burgundy

Louis IV King Franks, ['Transmarinus']

Charles III King Franks, ['The Simple']

Gewar King In Norway

Vladislav II Poland, [King of]

Heinrich IV Emperor Germany Henry III, Emperor Germany

Otto II (Rufus), Germany, Emperor

Andronikos Dukas Prince Dukas, [Emperor]

Snaer King Of Finland

Vladimir I, 'The_Great' Kiev

Bela I, King Hungary

Foulques V 'le_jeune' Anjou, [King]

Merfyn 'Frych' Ap Gwriad, [King of Powys]

Morrough Murchadh, King of Leinster

King Of Leinster Donnchadh, & King of Dublin

King Of Leinster Enna_(Enda)

Dermod Of Leinster MacMurrough, King

King Of Leinster Dermad

King Of Leinster Dunlaing

King Of Leinster Oilliol

King Of Leinster Ugaire

King Of Leinster Tuathal

King Of Leinster Mureadac

King Of Ireland Bran

King Of Leinster Muredac

King Of Leinster Bran_Muit

King Of Leinster Faolan

King Of Leinster Colman

King Of Leinster Cairbre

King Of Leinster Cormac

King Of Leinster Lillial

Ramiro II King Aragon_(Arragon), King

Sancho V Arragon, King

Ramirez Arragon, [King of]

Sancho III Arragon, [King of

Alfonso II, King Aragon

Leon VI, Emperor Byzantine_Empire

Romanos II, Emperor Byzantine_Empire

Konstantinos VII, Emperor Byzantine_Empire

Basileos I, Emperor Byzantine_Empire

Alfonso VII 'Pierre-Raimund' Castile_&_Leon, [King]

Alfonso VIII King Castile

Alphonso V, King Leon

Garcia III, King Navarre

Chimine, Queen Of Navarra

Sancho III, King Navarre

Alphonso V, King Leon

Alfonso VIII King Castile

Sancho III Alfonsez Castile, [King]

Eleanor Countess Of Provence, Queen of England

Eleanor Princess Of England, [Queen]

Eleanore Princess Of Aquitaine, [queen Of England

Margaret 'Atheling', Princess England, [Queen]

Ethelswida (Alswitha), Queen England

Edgiva, Queen Of England

Mrs-Cynric, Queen Of England

Judith Princess Of Franks, Queen of England

Eggwyn, Queen Of England-1 +

Elfrida (Elfthryth), Queen England

Alfgifu (Aelflaed) Queen England

Ealdgyth (Algitha), Queen England

Mrs-Malcolm Queen Of Scotland

Mrs-Constantine I, Queen Scotland

Mrs Kenneth Queen Scotland

Mrs-Kenneth I, Queen Scotland

Mrs-Alpin, Queen Of Scotland

Fergusa (Urgusia), Queen Scotland

Mrs-Eochaid III King Scotland

Mrs Duff Queen Scotland

Mrs-Donald, Queen Of Scotland

Redburg, Queen Of Wessex

Mrs-Ceawlin, Queen Of Wessex

Osburgh, Queen Of Wessex

Mrs-Cerdic, Queen Of Wessex

Sibyl Fitzsiward, [Queen]

Cunigunde Queen Of Italy

Bertha Queen Of Italy

Mrs-Urgust, King Of Picts

Mrs-Fergus, Queen Of Picts

Bertrada, Countess Of Laon, [Queen]

Eadgifu Ogive Queen Franks

Ermentrude, Queen Of Franks

Adelaide, Queen Of Franks

Gerberge Queen Of Franks, [Abb

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    You could contact Burke's Peerage:

    I'm not sure that they would necessarily include your family tree in their documentation, however.

  • Paco
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    Since you asked this question twice, I expressed my disbelief that you could be only 32 generations from Egbert. It seems very unlikely.


    That issue aside (maybe you are 42 generations away). Unfortunately it is not really that special. Barack Obama, John McCain, George W. Bush are all descended from Egbert. So are about a hundred million other people (although most of them can't trace their ancestry). There is no place to register.


    However, it is still interesting to trace your geneology. I don't understand your directions"

    "GO TO OGLE FOLLOW THAT ALL THE WAY DOWN THEN CLICK ON MOWBRAY THEN IT BEGIN'S. You'll have do go threw after mowbray to find all my decendents."

    There are several people with the surname OGLE.

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    If that made you royalty, most of the Anglo Saxon people of the American South are royalty.

  • 1 decade ago

    That's very impressive. one thing there seems to be a lack of males at the end.

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