What is Anarchy? What do Anarchists believe?

What are the beliefs of Anarchists?

Why are they anarchists?

Is it your honest opinion that anarchy is better than the government system we have now (not just Bush)?

What would your ideal government be?

Thanks. =]

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    There's an argument against democracy that claims it can lead to mob rule. One common quote is that "it's two wolves and one sheep deciding what to have for dinner". See also tyranny of the majority.

    There's a wide range of how much of the population gets to make the big decisions.

    If only 1% of the population gets to make the decisions, then 99% may suffer.

    If 51% of the population gets to make the decisions, then 49% may suffer. While 49% may suffer, this is not a valid argument to support allowing 1% to make the decisions, which would be even worse.

    If you require that 100% agree before a decision is made, then nobody will suffer, but decision making becomes harder and harder.

    There is an anarchist concept known as decentralized democracy. That means the more someone is affected by a decision, the more say he has in that decision. If a decision barely affects 99% of the people, then none of them get to vote. The decision to kill someone affects the victim more than anyone else, so the victim should have more say in the decision than everyone else. The decision over what you eat for lunch barely affects anybody else, so obviously you don't have the entire society voting on what you have for lunch. In cases like these, it becomes a democracy of one - thus anarchy.

    Supporters of decentralized democracy would use their own power to protect the right of others to make the decisions that most affect them. For example, this includes protecting other peoples' lives, whether it's from government or non-government forces.

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    A common misconception with anarchy is that there is no leadership - this tends to freak people out and lead them to think that there will be chaos, disorder, etc.

    But an anarchist community will usually have some form of leadership; however, that leader will have to be voted as eligible by the majority of citizens. They will have limited control over the community, and they will recieve no extra privileges. They will do the same work as everyone else and will be treated as equal. We won't have to worship the ground they work on just because they hold a title.

    Basically, they'll try to make sure that everyone has their say in how the community runs, and that's it.

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    What Is Anarchy Government

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    The way I see it, Anarchy means:

    1. Autonomy which is not too difficult to comprehend, although some will ignorantly add chaos and lawlessness to give it a negative over tone.

    2. See no divisions or classes of any sort. This would means no racism or division of upper, middle or lower classes. Just plain equality.

    3. Complete respect for others, including nature: land, plants, animals, air, etc to be specific on the nature part.

    4. (and much more.)

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    Anarchy means without government.

    Anarchists believe that the people can govern themselves and don't need any type of government system.

    They believe this for many various reasons.

    My ideal government is democracy.

    Anarchy is not better than the government system we have now. Too many bad people would get away with too many crimes if we didn't have a government system.

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    Anarchy is the abandonment of all laws.

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    Anarchy is a government system with no ruler or form government. In my opinion, it's the dumbest form of "government" because there are no laws, and basically, they believe in doing whatever they want. Thankfully, this is no anarchy because I don't want to die.

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