Which affiliate marketing strategy do you think is the most effective for a bizness? Why?

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    It depends on your marketing and revenue objectives -- and from what perspective you are coming from

    1 - If a company offers products and want to expand their sales, they can engage in affiliate marketing by enlisting affiliates or other websites to sell for them -- such as the Amazon.com Associates Program https://affiliate-program.amazon.com/

    Most effective strategies for these include ensuring a clear and definite criteria for accepting affiliates, enticing commission structure, fraud detection mechanisms to combat cheating affiliates, branding and marketing policies effectively in place (e.g. affiliates cannot bid on pay per click for your brand name), and a good affiliate management software or third party system such as Commission Junction

    2 - The other side of affiliate marketing equation is the website owners who want to boost revenue potential by selling products of other companies.

    The most effective strategies are the identification and selection of affiliate programs that offer products that their target audiences would be interested in, and the integration of their banners into the content

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    The best thing you want to do is pick a strategy and focus on it. There are too many products popping left and right. My advice choose a mentor and follow one strategy. I started with ppc marketing. I found good niches, i found bad niches. Now i'm learning more about article marketing, social bookmarking. The thing is you have to start somewhere. Hey add me to twitter for future conversations if you'd like My twitter id: zoulkifl

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    I think that Michael Cheney's Affiliate Millions program is one of the best I purchased mine from http://thesecretstoaffiliatemillionsrevealed.com/

    The program is very straight forward and the best part it is a video series, so you actually learn by watching at him. He shows you how and where to find products to promote, you also get how to market the products. check out the site you will find a wealth of information and it is great. how this helps.

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