Name of a book, main character is girl named Ellen?

Ok well last year I read this book in school and know I wanna know the name of it but I can't remember! It was about this girl named Ellen who is extremely smart and is being pressured into going to Harvard, even though she wants to explore other options. Ellen isn't that popular but her parents are from Korea so everyone calls her a chink. This guy named Tommy asked her out and they basically fall in love. She also has this best friend named Jessie. They go to this party and Ellen gets hurt but Tommy saves her. Anyway Tommy leaves for the army, and Ellen goes to Harvard when she gets accepted and it ends kind of sadly because they are all separated but also ends good cause they all love each other. Anyway the book has a purple cover, and I'm dying to know the name. I also remember this beautiful poem Jessie wrote at the end that was something like this:

We've been friends through the years

Seen the laughter, seen the tears

But there will never be a friend more true and true

For me it will always be you

So anyway anyone no the name or even the author would be helpful! Thanks!

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    Finding My Voice

    Marie Lee

    1992 Houghton Mifflin Company

    ISBN# 0-395-62134-8

    Summary: As she tries to enjoy her senior year and choose which college she will attend, Ellen Sung must deal with the prejudice of some classmates and pressure from her parents.

    From Publishers Weekly:

    Ellen Sung's senior year at a small Minnesota high school begins inauspiciously: on the first day of school a blond jock calls her "chink." The younger daughter of her town's only Korean-American family, Ellen is apparently unfamiliar with bigotry and seems unprepared when other classmates taunt her and a teacher makes racist jokes. But Ellen has other worries--fulfilling her father's expectations that she get into Harvard, like her perfect sister; earning a varsity letter for gymnastics; wondering why Tomper Sandel kissed her at a party but started going out with someone else. If Lee's story line is somewhat familiar, her portrayal of her heroine is unusually well balanced. Ellen may be too scared to confront the local bigots and not yet secure enough to stand up to her exacting parents, but she's steely in other ways. She works hard--and unapologetically--to maintain her 4.0 average, and she conducts her relationship with Tomper with an easy dignity. The author's depiction of first-generation anxieties demonstrates similar depth and candor, two hallmarks of this sensitive novel. Ages 12-up.

    Hope I helped!

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