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training siberian huskies to play ?

I have a 4 year old male and a 1 year old female siberian husky. They absolutely love to play together, but I can't make them stop and chill out for a bit. He lives outside and she lives inside. I want to make him an inside dog as well. Both are fixed. I need to know some good training tips on how to make them stop playing so rough and not stopping and taking a break. Please keep in mind they are huskies so they're not your typical dog.

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    Get them more exercise.

    Take them to obedience class and teach them basic manners.

    Put them out in the yard when they're playing.

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    Unfortunately, you are fighting a losing causing. As you know, huskies are a very active and inquisitive dog. They will do all in their power to stay on the go.

    If both are left to their wits, you will not have any. The best thing you can do is take them for a long run. I had the ability to run mine in an open field/pasture--with me in a truck. They would run at 20mph for an hour and not miss a lick. After a drink of water, they were ready for more.

    I wish you the best.

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    I have 2 malamute pups. and I have had High Active breeds in the past.

    I suggest Exercise walk or light jog. Than a good romp in the yard. And when you bring them inside give them toys. and give a AhAHAH or a Sh Sh when ever they start playing hard or fighting over toys.

    Even a can filled with change the dogs will get distracted and stop playing hard.

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    If one is constantly outside and the other in, they don't see each other that much.

    If/when they both live in the same area they will not play ALL the time. They will have their play moments and their quiet moments.

    Teaching them a quiet or bed time command is helpful and always have things to occupy them with like a bone to chew on for when you NEED quiet time.

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