Totally serious question: Have you ever been attracted to or had a crush on your cousin?

It just seems like a lot of people end up involved with their cousins. I'm just curious to see how common it is. I know people who married and they are first cousins.

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    1 decade ago
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    LOTS of people feel attracted to their cousins, it's perfectly normal. Unfortunately, some misguided people in the USA got it into their heads that outlawing cousin marriage would keep immigrants from settling in their state, and that their children would all have deformities. About half the states in the country did not though.

    Recent studies have shown that the chance of genetic abnormalities in children of cousins is only a few % higher than everybody else - there is a worse chance that there will be problems if the woman waits until her thirties to have kids.

    Most of the world actually encourages cousins to get together. Cousins have more in common, similar interests, make the family happy, and are more likely to stay together and not get divorced.

    Many famous people married their cousins;

    John Adams, Voltaire, Johann Sebastian Bach, Josiah Bartlett, second signer of the United States Declaration of Independence

    Wernher von Braun, Charles Bulfinch,

    John C. Calhoun, seventh Vice President of the United States

    Jeanne Calment, the oldest person whose age was verified by official documents

    Charles Carroll of Carrollton, the only Roman Catholic signer of the United States Declaration of Independence

    Charles Darwin and his first cousin, Emma Wedgwood. In addition, their grandparents, Sarah Wedgewood and Josiah Wedgwood, were also cousins

    Porfirio Diaz Mori, president of Mexico

    Alfred I. du Pont, great-grandson of DuPont founder and his cousin-by-marriage, Bessie Gardner, as well as his second cousin, Alicia Bradford Maddox

    Albert Einstein

    William Ellery, signer of the Declaration of Independence

    William Crowninshield Endicott, former US Secretary of War

    Vivian Fuchs, British explorer

    Carlo Gambino, a mob boss, and his first cousin, Catherine Castellano

    Charlotte Perkins Gilman, American author

    Rudy Giuliani, former mayor of New York, and presidential candidate

    Edvard Grieg, famous Norwegian composer

    Abdullah Gül, President of Turkey

    Benjamin Harrison V, American revolutionary leader

    Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr., the poet,

    Stephen Hopkins, signer of the Declaration of Independence

    Jesse James and his first cousin, Zerelda "Zee" Mimms

    Thomas Jefferson

    Nobusuke Kishi, former Japanese statesman

    Jerry Lee Lewis, rock and roll musician, and his first cousin Myra Gale Brown

    Abbott Lawrence Lowell, a former president of Harvard University

    John A. Macdonald, first prime minister of Canada

    Thomas Malthus

    Francis Marion, American revolutionary leader also called the "Swamp Fox,"

    Abraham Maslow, father of humanistic psychology

    Samuel Eliot Morison, historian, and his first cousin Agnes Priscilla Randolph Barton

    Samuel F. B. Morse, inventor of the Morse code

    Edgar Allan Poe and his cousin, Virginia Clemm

    Boleslaw Prus, Polish novelist

    Sergei Rachmaninoff, composer, and his cousin, Natalia Satina

    Franklin D. Roosevelt, former US president, and his cousin, Anna Eleanor Roosevelt

    Eisaku Sato, former prime minister of Japan, and his cousin, Hiroko Sato

    Henryk Sienkiewicz, Polish novelist, and his niece, Maria Babska.

    Igor Stravinsky, composer, and his cousin, Katerina Nossenko

    Toyotomi Hideyori, a 16th-century Japanese strategist, and his first cousin, Senhime.

    Martin Van Buren, former president of the US. Gideon Welles and his first cousin, Mary Jane Hale

    H. G. Wells, author, and his first cousin, Isabel Mary Wells

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    1 decade ago

    well we were young but my cousin was the first girl i did things with it started when we were really young and we learned how girls and boys worked together but we never went as far as having sex together..

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    1 decade ago

    What hick town do you live in that its common?

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    1 decade ago

    umm. no but i knew a chick who hooked up with hers... ewww.

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