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Butterfly, Stand-up or Hybrid? Which goalie style do you prefer?

And Why?

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  • Jason
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    hybrid is the most exciting thats for sure, seeing guys like brodeur, luongo,nabokov make great saves using exceptional talent, amazing....wait, Brodeur, Luongo, Nabokov, arent they 3 of the top 5 in the league? (thomas, turco, kipper also use hybrid, see a trend?) so hybrid is also the most effective, and the butterfly is the reason for the enlarged pads and the reason goalies have less talent that a few years back. With normal sized padding, the butterfly would barely be useful, thats why you barely see guys with normal pads, such as marty, ever use the butterfly. Guys like lundqvist, giguere, they are great goalies in todays game with huge pads, but watching lundqvist often, he barley needs to get off his line in the butterfly(let alone out of the crease) to cover the entire bottom. They would be minor league goalies 10 years ago. IF the nhl limits the size of padding, goalies would be forced to go back to the hybrid style.

  • Lydia
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    If you wanted a ground base, easy to learn, effective method of playing goal, I would say be a hybrid. The problem with giving you an answer is that it may not be for you. You may find you're better at playing stand-up or butterfly rather than hybrid, so I'll give the advantages to all so you can decide for yourself. 1)Butterfly Style: No one should be a butterfly goalie. A butterfly goalie goes down on all shots, and that can leave the top of the net open and the shooter can get the peanut butter, but the butterfly has great advantages to it as well. The most obvious is that it closes the five hole, which helps because most people believe about 80% of shots are on the ice. 2)Hybrid Style: Some people were saying that the butterfly style is the most common style of goaltending these days, but the truth is that it is the hybrid style. The hybrid style is very broad, and you often can't easily see it. Dominik Hasek was the most hybrid goalie there was, because he'd do whatever the heck it took to stop the puck, even using his butt. 3)Stand-up Style: Once considered the "dinosaur" of goaltending, it has made a small comeback lately, and there are advantages to it. Even though it's called the stand-up style, the goalies that use it are often on the ice about 50% of the time. An advantage to it is that you are almost always in position to make the second save, but you do leave the five hole open. I hope you choose wisely, and best of luck in playing goalie! It's the hardest, but most fun position on the ice.

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    I would say hybrid. Why?

    You can have a game plan with a butterfly goalie. Shoot high, especially on rebounds where he is already sown.

    You can have a game plan with a stand up goalie as well. Shoot low, he is not going to be covering as much of the lower net, especially on the initial shots.

    What is the gameplan for a hybrid???? ? Exactly.

    Some of the best goalies have been hybrids. Many people think Brodeur ( best all-time IMO) is a butterfly but they are mistaken. He is a hybrid. He is a stand up when he needs to be, a butterfly when needed or a flopper when needed.

    Hasek is a classic hybrid....just flops wherever to make a save.....lots of saves with his BACK.

    Roy was a classic butterfly.

    For me....hybrid all the way.

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    You can't really "learn" any of these styles, they're not a set path. They're just a way of describing the style you are most comfortable playing. For example, Wayne Gretzky was known as a playmaker, or passer, but that doesn't mean it is his position, nor does it mean he couldn't score goals too. You are right, stand up goalies are for the most part defunct, though depending on what level you play that style may still be effective. If you're just starting out, maybe focus on your butterfly, and see how well you can move in that stance. I would call myself a hybrid goalie and prefer it because I am big and fast enough to cover the top or bottom of the net without needing to use the traditional butterfly position.

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    Hybrid Goalie

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    Butterfly, Stand-up or Hybrid? Which goalie style do you prefer?

    And Why?

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    The guy who stops the puck!!!

    In terms of style if I had to rate them




    Butterfly is way more effective than stand up but for the shorter goalie especially the Hybrid style allows him to protect more of the top of the net- he's not committed to early and it will keep the shooter guessing.

    Roy, who everyone associates as the ultimate Butterfly goalie benefited from the style because he was tall and had great reflexes and a great glove hand. Even he got beaten often in the 5 hole as he was slow getting down. I'm not sure if that wasn't part of his plan giving the 5 hole and then taking it away to keep guys from shooting upstairs where his style was most vulnerable.

    Brodeur is more hybrid- he stays on his feet more than Roy ever did.

    Again different styles for different guys, as long as the puck stays out I'm happy

  • Mr.B
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    Generally hybrid, but pure butterfly is ok for big men who can still cover a lot of the net.

    Standup is a little dated now. It's funny now to watch goalies from the past (Tony Esposito excepted) and see them refusing to go down under any circumstances. Of course - given the state of head and face protection for goalies at the time, who could blame them.

  • Doug
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    Focusing on one particular style, for me at least, usually is a bad idea. Blending the two together is the way to go

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    Butterfly is probably the most effective and the most common - after hybrid. However, there is something about stand-up that looks so cool, it reminds me of old time hockey.

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