nissan pathfinder 95 problem?

I just replaced the trans in my pathfinder. Nevertheless when I let go of the accelerator at 50 mph the suv slowly goes down and then all of a sudden at about 30 mph it feels like someone is hitting the brake. I looked at the computer codes and get all types of readings 23,45,12,34. Nissan mechanic was unsure of problem when he did a check. He received codes of tps and ecm replacement.

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    1 decade ago
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    tps=throttle position sensor

    ecm=engine computer

    i have a 97 nissan pathfinder that does the same exact thing, when i hit 50 mph and let go of the accelerator it slows down, but my engine light is not on and my trans fluid was replaced at 100K(now the car is at 145k) i just ignore it, its not giving me any problems but ive also wondered why does it do this? if its serious or just the way the car is

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