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Even after expunging a record in Illinois, can the arresting agency still have your record?

On illinois expungment laws it says that the arresting agency has to either destroy the record, or release it back to the person. If someone didn't get anything back from the agency then is it likely destroyed? If so, does the agency still have a backup copy of it somewhere?

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    In my own state and databases containing information of a record to be expunged are cleared.

    The record itself is sealed in an unmarked envelope with only "Expunged Record."

    The agency which initiated the record can maintain the record, however, the record can not be opened and viewed.

    The agency which initiated the record can also destroy the record.

    Source(s): Police Officer +30 years
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    Your expungement order in Illinois needs to be signed by a choose - yet you could desire to report the petition with the circuit courtroom clerk first - an difficulty-free technique and maximum clerks workplace should assist you interior the approach.

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