Do you think the CEO's,Exec.s and Politicians understand when it comes to the American Auto Industry?

You just have to FIX IT!!!!!

And what has happen to the manufacturing jobs, where are they. Now we have the majority of those workers are now working for Wal-Mart.

Do America realize that the majority of manufacturing jobs has been outsourced to other countries, however we still buy the products here in America that is how we are making the other countries richer like China, America has outsourced manufactures for toys,video games cars, tv, steel and even Nike shoes, can you believe that when almost every American owns a pair of Nike shoes. But again we do not manufacture them here in America but we can buy them here in America and make the other countries richer. When you buy products that are made in America, understand that will help jump start the economy, this has a lot to do with the majority of Americans saying that George Bush has a lot of fault with the economy and they want the American Auto Workers to go out of business or file bk. Do not punish the workers of those who want to buy America, punish the Exec and Ceo's who do not know the best way to run the company. An employee's attitude will reflect the leadership they're under.


question to 16v, where are they located? I don't need a job, but someone may and if there in the area are they hiring?

Update 2:

Pig M, what are you talking about, are you in charge of outsourcing the American jobs; if not why would you say something like that as if you do not watch CNN channels I know that you do or you wouldn't be on Y/A...I can not believe that no matter what the issue is someone always has to be the D-vils Adv-cat- we have no place for this attitude

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    You are right. The lawmakers and the general public DON'T understand how it important it is to fix this problem. The Big Three is the backbone of our economy and now the Chinese government has just given permission to their car company to buy our Big Three, should they fail. They want instant access to our technology and machines. Once that goes, we'll never get an American auto industry up and running again. This is serious and scary stuff!

    The Big Three is part of our industrial security. Without an auto industry in this country we could never tool up for a war, should we have to switch over to building planes, tanks, and other war machines, etc., the way they did during WWII. No foreign owned company will be willing to build them for us and risk drawing themselves into our conflicts and/or becoming a target themselves.

    People who are judging the UAW as greedy are totally out of touch with the concessions they've made in wages and benefits in the past decade. The latest concessions will bring their labor cost per car down to be competitive to the foreign built cars made in North America including the UAW taking over health care in GM, saving the company 6 billion annually.

    People also don't realize that when the Big Three goes bankrupt that will bankrupt all the suppliers, jobbers and die shops right along with them. Without these secondary auto related shops it will close down the foreign owned companies built in North American too.

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    yeah punish the people who run the company, its there fault they have to pull a profit or the company goes bankrupt, its there fault oil went to$150 a barrel, its there fault diesel once went over $5 a gallon and regular was not that far behind, its there fault people can't get auto loans. lets face it there making cars people don't want to drive because they got union contracts that says they gota make these cars or they go on strike and union benefits and pay makes the average car cost 3k more out the door. yeah its all there fault the rich greedy CEO's there just greedy, you should demand that your 401k and mutual funds be invested in companies that are not greedy and that you prefer interest rates similar to a checking account.

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    The difficulty for American car makers is to compete with aggressive foreign companies that do not feel much compelled to favor employment in their own countries, while wages in the U.S. automotive industry are quite high and protected by trade unions.

    That’s why Toyota became number 1 in U.S.

    Even in supposing that U.S. car makers do their best to produce components on the American soil, too many U.S. customers don’t care about whether the cars they buy have been made by U.S. workforce or not. Nice words and intents; but how poorly rewarded these efforts are, regretfully – especially when we know that American are the most patriots among all other populations of the world!

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    We need a Chrysler bailout from the 70's again. Loan guarantees, union wage cooperation, industry cuts, and a return to solvency for the automaker and a 350 million dollar profit for the tax payer

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    lol 101mo, take a course in economics and world finance before boastering your ignorance.

    you are joking right?

    its called globalization.

    we (americans want it) our agriculture, aerospace and communications industry are leaders in these fields. other countries don't cry like babies because they buy our goods, unlike us.

    what you want my little naive boy is "isolationism".

    like a cry baby, so if we cannt compete, we should go into iso.

    we have been aggressively and ruthlessly practicing global finance for decades using political/military leverage against weaker countries to buy our goods.

    now that we finally have to have to face a more leveled field, we cry like babies.

    get real, grow up.

    Source(s): and why is it that the toyota factory has happy workes and a working business model with CEOs giving much more back to the company and employees, while the GM factory is a mess? One american ceo takes home more money then the entire Japanese/Korean CEOs put together.
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    ok, if you want to line the big fat pockets of the greedy american auto industry so much, sell your house, tell your kids tuition cannot be made and give the CEOs of detroit all your money.

    keep in mind ALL asian auto makers have moved their factories to the U.S. so I have no idea what this dork above me is talking about. so we'll still have auto workers in the U.S.

    i think the men campaigning for detroit is more about white pride and racism then it is about practical economy.

    Source(s): to 101mo almost no one quits the Toyota, Honda, Hyaundai plants. to get in one has to pretty much wait for a employee to die or retire. of course these companies will hire many of the workers from detroit if they get fired.
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