Would You Turn In Your Gas Car For An Electric Vehicle?

If the government gave everyone a half off discount for an electric vehicle if they turned in their gas car, would you most likely do it?

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  • j2
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    1 decade ago
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    instead of turn in why not buy addition too or convert a small car to electric as a supplement it can be done for about 3k by anyone who is mechanically competent. you know for summer months and local commutes.

    to later post if you use a sealed gel cell lead acid while you still have weight you can drive over the battery and it will not rupture. and as far as weight goes overall there still lighter even with lead acids:

    no gas or coolants, no exhaust and emissions system, no engine or transmission, drive shaft and a few dozen other heavy parts. instead a 156v 3 phase motor gearbox/transaxil and controller and a few misc. charging componants about 250# plus batteries in total about 500 # less than the gasoline version. even less with lithium ions

    sorry mitch I just took delivery on a container of (200) 300AH 24v. LI's straight from the Hihon corp. in shingzutsia china this last tuesday. the total bill was $10019 although 3500 was shipping all the way from china to the midwest USA. that works out to 50 bucks apiece an EV only needs 6 or 12 if you run dual drives. so I can convert up to 30 cars for the same price as you quoted for 1 and a solectria motor, gearbox, regen. drive and fast charger mounted on the car capable of plugging into ANY 110 outlet run $2699. so actually much less than 8k and if your not mechanically retarded in other words work on a car and wire a house without killing yourself you can handle it yourself its really not that difficult there's very few moving parts.

    and laptops were because sony's vender sent them a run of defective parts li's are inherently much more stable than lead acids's.

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    1: If you compared and electric car next to its gasoline twin in looks, performance, and features you would see that they cost at least 3 X more. In other words you would still be paying at least 50% more for the vehicle.

    2: Though both gasoline and electric batteries put out explosive vapors (this is why they tell you to make the last connection to the frame when jump starting) gasoline would not pour in a roll over because it is normally stored under the trunk where the batteries (from the designs I have seen) are stored under the passenger compartment and would be above you in a roll over. Though the added weight might turn you right side up, if you were upside down in a ditch it wouldn't. How would you like to be in upside down in a car and the only way out is through a curtain of acid? Furthermore, if the batteries did rupture in an accident, how bad would that be for the environment and how long would they close the road down to clean it up?

    3: Recharging can be a problem in itself. If you forget to get gas after work, you can just leave a bit earlier to resolve this. If you forget to plug the electric car in then that will take a whole lot longer to resolve. The shear lack of recharging stations would also be a deterrent. The closest place that sells an electric car might be out of range to get that car home.

    I am sure there are other reasons so if I forgot your favorite, sorry.

    Funny how you say you can get the car conversion kit for $8,000 when just the Li-ion batteries alone cost $10,000 I guess we could assume that the kit does not include the Li-ion batteries.

    The batteries (the fuel source of the car) have to be replaced every 100K miles or 5 yrs, that would mean that every year you cars value would plumit an additional $2,000 on average, every year or 20K miles. Where a less full gas tank has little effect on car value. Let's see, if you had a small car valued at around $18K , Spent $8K on the kit, $10K on the batterie, found a shop to install if for $3,600 (a friend gave an estimate for his shop) that means you just spent $21,600 (not including home charger and its instullation) on a car that was worth $18,000, and I highly doubt the car you created is worth $39,600.

    Funny how you say they don't explode. I have read storys of Li-ion batteries overheating and exploding in laptops

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    Of course I would, there is absolutely no reason not to.

    In reading over some of these answers, it is unfortunate that people think an electric car needs to be a 'golf cart'. An electric car that functions in every way as a fossil fuel car began production 3 years ago. The EV1. If people think that is a hoax, do some research on it.

    The problem with electric cars is not mechanical, it is political. Oil companies don't make a profit and there are no parts to wear out and need replacing. All other arguments, such as not enough electric, etc, etc, and completely ludicrous if one is to think about these things logically. Don't believe everything heard on the news, do some research before repeating the same myths again to someone else. Fossil fuel cars are dead, get used to it.

  • Jbay
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    1 decade ago

    Probably not. I have a big family and electric cars are too small. For the right price I would get one as a go to work car.

    What we really need is a way to convert our current vehicles so they do not need gas to run.

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  • fred
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    1 decade ago

    If there were a scheme to convert the old "turned in" fossil fuel burners to electric this would be a good idea, stimulate the economy, reduce imports, and improve public health.

    there is no need to throw out the body, seats, electrics, suspension & most of the transmission with the clunky radiators, fuel tanks, engine blocks. http://www.batteryvehiclesociety.org.uk

    Electric motors are inherently better at powering large vehicles or difficult terrain vehicles because the torque characteristics are far superior (consider electric locomotives) eg the KAZ http://www.speedace.info/dr_shimizu_kaz.htm (which could Carry 8 people;

    Travel @ 140 MPH; recharge away from my house in 10 minutes http://www.altairnano.com/profiles/investor/fullpa...

    and Travel 250 miles with headlights, heater and defroster...)

    The opportunity to put easy to control motors in each wheel give far better traction management, higher ground clearance and lower centre of gravity (batteries in the floor pan), nothing to freeze, make them much better at driving over 12ft snow than the heaps of fossil powered junk based on obsolete WW2 designs.

    As electric cars are much more pleasant to drive: quiet, smooth, high torque; and low maintenance, refuel at home or work I think we should be given subsidies to buy the heaps of junk foisted on us by the global corps and their media machine - oh wait, they do get a subsidy - but small start up electric cars makers do not. Also the big oil companies get huge guaranteed handouts to keep the oil flowing, unlike the renewable electric industry http://www.grist.org

  • Turn in ???? What about trade in value? I would go for the half off with a value for my car. I get 30mpg on a traditional gas burner. I do not see the obtainable 60mpg hear in the US Europe refines a clean deisel and allows theirs and our manufacturers to sell 60 mpg cars.The Hybrid we get is a capitalist idea to market a medeocer product, that doesn't do much better than my car and gradually bring in upgrades at our and the environments expence. Total Electric Car is that what you mean...... Let's see some spects. and proven details on those. But I don't see that car affored at major dealors hear.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I think that you can't stop people throwing in the last drop of petroleum and gas into the atmosphere, specially not with a government asking them kindly for such a trade. That government wouldn't last one day. Power sucking petroleum and other lobbies whose only life motive is money, would recur to any means to save their competitive momentum, even war. They are the ones stopping alternative technology.

    What is needed is for a government to stop the production of non renewable resource vehicles. Such government must be both popular and merciless to opposition. It must also undertake other drastic measures for the benefit of new generations to come, like taking control of the birth rate and food production. Imagine a government stopping the production of Coca Cola for example.

    You would need to get rid of idiots whose only life purpose is to have a car with a better performance (in terms of power and speed) than their neighbor...

    Electric vehicles are near, but the production is being halted by our petroleum civilization. The argument which goes above the environmental argument is that they are "expensive". They are more expensive than destroying entire forests, desolating the soil or throwing carbon monoxide into the atmosphere.

    Also, energy is needed to produce anything. Even solar cells are produced using petroleum. It is said that petroleum will run out in half a century. If it does, what would power machines to dig ores for the production of electric cells or nuclear power plants?

  • 1 decade ago

    I would get an electric car over gas any day. I just don't have the money since I'm still in school and bike/bus everywhere anyways.

  • GABY
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    1 decade ago

    No. Not until they can get longer range and less time to recharge. I would then consider one only if it cost close to the same as a turbo diesel. With the turbo diesel I can cut my emissions and fuel usage in half and not spend so much money.

    I also do not want them until many more nuclear plants are built so the power is clean power.

  • 1 decade ago

    yes, because you'll save money, save the enviornment, and your car will perform better. plus, most of those conversions are aroung 8000 bucks. so if you'll just have to pay 4000, i wouldn't think twice before saying yes.

    electric motors have lots more torque than gas guzzlers.

    and some people think that it will make your car heavier...but that's only if you install those crappy lead acid batteries. if you install lithium ion batteries, you'll cut off weight, you'll have better range, and you won't risk blowing up your batteries.

    plus, if you had your own renewable energy source, you could power your car for free.

    the answer under mine said batteries put out explosive vapours...only those crappy lead acid batteries does that. lithium ion batteries don't do that.

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