NICE GUY SAYS he goes to strip clubs?

if a nice guy took you out on a first date, and he seemed to be really boring but he told you he spends a lot of time going to casinos and strip clubs... would that be a turn off because pigs go there or would it be a turn on that he isnt so boring?

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  • 3 years ago

    it is a double prevalent. u adult men could desire to compromise. if he gets to pass, then u get to pass. the two that or u the two do no longer pass. one or the different. that's what i could tell him. it is basically honest suitable? yea i think of that adult men pass to strip golf equipment because of the fact they desire to ascertain somebody different then their gf bare. sorry. they decide for each and all of the incorrect motives. i've got been to 3 lady strip golf equipment, and that i think of its tremendously boring. and a waste of money. adult men are dumb. they pass and pay all this funds for a woman who's probable blown each and every guy interior the club. and pass away empty exceeded w/ a perplexing on. what's the factor of that? besides the shown fact that i think of guy strip golf equipment are totally distinctive. i've got on no account incredibly been to a adult men strip club. yet i've got been to a tutor. like chip and dales, or thunder from down under. it is so distinctive from a women. it is in contact in entertainment i think of. i in my opinion theory it became into incredibly a snigger and relaxing, and humorous. lol. i see it interior an identical way nonetheless. i does on no account do something w/ any of the strippers nonetheless because of the fact can u think of what number females then been w/ in a single nighttime? so communicate with ur guy and make a compromise

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  • 1 decade ago

    it could be a turn on and it can be a turn off. Alot of guys go to strip clubs. Some girls don't seem to like it, others don't care.So it just depends..

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    guy who goes to strip club= HELL TO THE NO

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