How do I get around the $1.99 per mb with verizon wireless?

Ok so i have the americas choice plan with two lines and we pay $5 per month per line for mobile web and what not. Me and my girlfriend just wanted to switch phones with each other but keep our numbers. and they said we had to upgrade to this nationwide plan and get charged $1.99 per mb. WTF. someone tell me a loop hole or something. thanks

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    Am I understanding you in that you and your girlfriend just want to swap phones with eachother (you get her phone & she get's your phone) but you keep your number and she keeps hers? If that is correct then all you have to do is each of your set your Verizon account online at and activate a "replacement" phone for your number and then do the same for her's for her line. You can do this on the America's Choice plan online. When I had America's Choice I had done this when I had to reactive my daughter's old phone as we had sent her brand new phone to LG for what we thought was a repair but they replaced the phone for free. She still needed a phone so we reactivated her old Razr until her's was returned. And then reactivated the replacement phone. It did not cost a dime, no activation fee doing it this way either. So by doing this you are basically keep your plan the same just swapping the phones hex numbers. And no need to upgrade to the current Nationwide plan.

    Good luck!

    Source(s): Me: A Verizon customer since day one.
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  • 1 decade ago

    Buy an unlimited data plan. it is bad, i know.

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