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When do you decide that your dog has suffered enough?

My dog can't get up and down any more but she is only 8, she is the love of my life........and I don't want to lose her. She wags her tail and is happy when I come home - but she doesn't eat anything other than her treats - doesn't go out but once a day - only drinks water when she comes in from outside -and is drugged up all the time- She has been to 3 vets and I have spent thousands of dollars, for them to tell me it is nerve damage and that there is nothing they can do.

How do you decide when to put her to sleep, I just don't want to make that decision, I want her to make it. I also don't want her to suffer anymore. She has had a wonderful life - she has been on vacations and traveled for work with me, slept with me since she was a baby, lays on the couch with me - but about two months ago I had to stop letting her sleep with me, because she can't get off the bed anymore. It hurts her to be picked up.



She can't barely walk anymore. Her nerve damage started affecting her front leg, but now it has traveled to her back legs. She falls down all the time, can't make it down the two stairs to go outside.

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    I am so sorry. I really do feel for you in this situation, I had a schnauzer/terrier mix since I was 2 years old, she stayed with me for 18 years. She was my baby since I myself was a baby. The only way I was able to let her go was when the vets told me she was in a lot of pain, they even offered to come to my house and do it there so she would be happy and comfortable with me. I cried for days afterward and I still miss her terribly. If you decide to do it, do what I did, get a vet to come to your house, that way she won't be afraid. Feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions okay? I wish you all the best.

    And "weenies" - Please don't be so insensitive. Obviously she cares about her dog.

    One more thing, when my baby got cremated I found a website that does keepsake jewelry. They actually make charms that are hollow inside so that she can always be with you. Here is one example, I don't remember where I got mine.

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    This is a very personal decision that only you can make. If your dog is suffering and can no longer enjoy doing things in life that it once could it is time to ask yourself why you are letting the suffering continue. Is it for the dogs sake or is it because you can't let go? Sometimes one of the most loving things you can do for your dog is to release its spirit from a failing body. The decision is a hard one. Remember your dogs spirit will live forever in your heart.

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    Unfortunately it's up to you to make the decision. I am so very sorry you have reached this stage. I lost my 6yo dog recently and had to make that heartbreaking decision.

    It's about quality of life for the dog. It's the kindest gift you can give your dog to release her from her pain when you can do nothing more to help her. Nerve damage is very painful indeed.

    When she is no longer enjoying life and her days and nights are filled with pain, it's time to gently put her to sleep.

    The pain of losing a beloved dog is intense. You make the decision to take on the emotional pain to spare them from their physical pain.

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    You already know you need to have her put down. It's the down side of being an animal lover. Put her out of her misery, it's the last loving thing you can do for her, and console yourself with the realization that you spent a hell of a lot more money, time, and energy making her as comfortable as possible than 90% of people would have done. Then grieve and celebrate her, she'll be fine, and you'll see her again eventually. :)

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    Listen, it isn't about you it's about your dog. If she's suffering why put her through it? It's very hard to let go of an animal but it's selfish to keep it there just for your needs. Maybe it's time to let go.. My dog had the same problem but i made the right choice. It was sad, but it turned out to be the right choice, atleast you still have all the memories of the dog. No one can tell you but yourself.

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    my uncles dog had cancer and he spent thousand of dollars trying to save her life, but in her last year she was miserable. he finally decided that putting her down was the best for her.

    his other dog had cancer too and he decided that he didnt want to make his life miserable and so he put him down after he came home one day and found that the dog had collapsed on the floor.

    the question is: do you want your dogs last memories to be miserable and painful.

    you have to make the decision for her though because she cant tell you.

    so sorry.

    i love dogs and yours sounds like a great one.

    just do whatt you feel is best for her.

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    I had to make that decision almost 2 years ago with my 12 year old Golden Retriever. I still cry when I think about her. But she was in so much pain. I had to do what was best for her not what was best for me.

    Stay with her when she goes.

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    That's really heartbreaking and I honestly don't know what to tell you. But I can see that you love your dog very much so, you will know what's best for her.

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    Some one I know had to put two of her dogs two sleep for that. Its very sad.

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    When I was faced with this problem ... I asked myself what was the most humane thing to do....for your dog.....

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