Where can I find an art teacher in Tuscaloosa/Northport, Alabama?

I'm an aspiring artist (who sees himself as a total failure already), and have been exhausting myself trying to find someone who can teach me how to draw in my hometown. I found someone who might be able to teach me in my old hometown, but she wouldn't even talk to me about classes or teaching me. So.. I'm now out of methods for learning to draw, and am unable to teach myself. Does anyone know of someone who could teach me how to draw (using graphite pencil) that teaches in or very close northport or tuscaloosa alabama?

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    My best bet would be to find a college that has an art program. I can bet someone would help you a give you some tips. Also you may find an online community of artist willing to critique your work and introduce you to better techniques.

    The good thing about artists are that we are willing to help people to improve.

    I am sorry I can´t give you any advice specifically on graphite pencil, but I don´t draw.

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