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Ive never played tennis before, should i still tryout for the school team?

Ive never played, but i really like the sport. Our school(im in 9th grade) is very small, so i'm assuming that the tryouts wont be too hard(i could be wrong). I know many of the basic rules and moves of tennis, ive just never tried to do them personally. Should i try out for the team, even though ive never played?

If not, what should i do to prepare myself to tryout next year?


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    Yes, you should go for it. Just go through the moves etc. that you know about and do them through your mind. When actual tryouts take place you will find you really can execute the tenis moves with your body. The tennis skills will come quickly and you will succeed.

    Source(s): My own experience when i joined a bowling league without ever holding a bowling ball. And I did great,
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    Go to and find a coach in your area prefrebly proffesional 1 because they are the best. Uspta is the world leading tennis coach orginization. It has the best coaches the world can offer. I suggest you try and see what level you are but trust me get a coach or you will not get very far. Also tell your parents to join you in USTA. Its much better than high school tennis. You get to play tournaments and get a rank in what ever region you live and its really exciting.

    main point : get a choach( remember proffesinal 1 are the best coaches join usta( try the high school tennis team to see what your level is play crazy load of tournaments when in USTA and last of all try your freaken best!!!!!

    good luck!

    Source(s): I have a uspta master proffesinal coach, kim dillard, and they are amazing(master proffesinal are the highest level and make up less than 1% of uspta) . I am in usta played many tournaments and I am #12 in mid atlantic!!!
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    ive played tennis tryout school team

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    1 decade ago kinda depends on your athletic ability. I know people that can pick up a tennis racquet for the first time and be awesome, and others..well, not so much. If anything you should try out to get a feel for how good you have to get if you dont make the team.

    Hope this helps! :)

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    do it dude, i promise you will be happy you (at least) tried. i know i am really glad i tried. i was in the same position as you last year, though i made the team, i played exhibition for the entire year. but after strong dedication i worked all summer and got a ton better. i ready to play this really and i hope you are also. everyone gets nervous but you just have to remember that there is nothing to lose and it is just a fun game.

    tennis is an incredible sport and i know if you play you will find it to be the same way!

    wish me luck, and i will for you!!!!!

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    no odn't do si harder than it looks and the balls can be faster than you would imagine. so unless you have a good top spin forehand and consistant back hand aswell as a fast and consistant topspin serve you won't make it. and also remember that tennis requires alot of endurance and you will have to be able to run to the corners of the court, hit the ball and run to the otehr corner of the court to hit another ball and repeat this untill the rally is over. (good opponents will hit their shots to the oposit corner from where you are at) i have played tennis for over 2 years and i still won't be able to make the team because my serve is not good enough and may i remind u that my school is a nerd school which has 90% average but suck at all sports.

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    If you enjoy tennis, try out. You may not make your school's varsity team but they'll let you play in the junior varsity team. Depending on your school's team, it can be very difficult to make varsity and don't be discouraged if you don't. Last year I was the only freshman to make varsity and a lot of my friends on junior varsity had a blast as well.

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    Go for it!!

    Plus, you will get trained by the coach and get to practice with your teammates.

    However, I recommend that you go out and hit the ball against a wall so you get used to the feeling. That way, when you go out to the tryouts, you won't be 'surprised'.

    Good luck!! =)

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    yeah you totally should! tennis is the most amazing sport ever. to train for it you need to jump rope a lot, run (long and short distances a.k.a. jogs and sprints), work on your serve-the most important part of the game. practice hitting top spin...don't learn slice yet-it will not help your game now. learn it after about 4 years of playing tennis. good luck, ace 'em up!

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    DON NOT TRY OUT THIS YEAR... the rezin is that tennis is a sport of skill, not height or power like in football or basketball. work hard this year relally work hard in summer and then def try next year... bfor this summer i was horrible but lukly i was in 7 th grade so i hav another summer to prACtce so ill be good... but just wait and try next year

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