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Is it wierd that it helps me poop better...?

...after I smoke a bowl?? Seriously, it keeps me regular.


I could care less who knows that I smoke weed...Do you realize how many people in America do it? And second, no one knows my real identity on here...idiot. AND weed is probably the most harmless "drug" out there...Do your research...

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    Hah nope it's not weird. It just relaxes you! :)

    And to all the ignorant haters out there, DO YOUR RESEARCH before making a judgment. Stop being clueless little sheep that listen to whatever the government wants them to think. LOSERS.

  • 1 decade ago

    so do cigarettes, both of which are incredibly stupid. Might not be a good idea to adverstise online that you do illegal drugs. Seriously, you have no idea who is reading this junk. Your teachers, your parents, even your grandparents!

  • Nah, it probably relaxes your sphincter.

  • 1 decade ago

    im lost on your question.

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