The Crucible ! Proctor?

What are three reasons John Proctor is a tragic hero?

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    wow im reading this in my english class i have a test on it tomorrow.


    john is a tragic hero cause he confessed to have an affair with abigail and he ended up dying in the end becasue he wouldnt confess and he wouldnt let the judges have the satasfaction of being right.

    also, he forced mary warren to admit to lying to try to save elizabeth.

    so he died for the cause of the truth basically

    hope this helped at all.

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    1 decade ago

    Try reading his character analysis on Shmoop, or the chapter by chapter summaries for specific actions by Proctor.

    Here's Shmoop's Crucible page:

    also, if you aren't super-clear on what "makes" a tragic hero, you should look that up somewhere for sure....

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