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Where can I find maps of my street with views from the front yard?

I was given a site a while back to get directions and there were images of the front of peoples' homes. It was like someone was standing in my front yard taking a picture. I ended up looking at all of my family's homes as well...all over the state. You could drag the picture up and down any street and see the car in the driveway, the license plate of the car and the address on the front door...very close up. Not aerial views...views from street level. I've tried YahooMaps and GoogleEarth and several others but these maps are not the same as the views I saw before. Can anyone help me??


Thank you! Just found it!

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    Google maps is what you want--not Google earth. Find the street, and it it is outlined in blue, it means it has street view. Type in the address or zoom in and click on "street view" in the popup window


    They take the pictures by driving a car with a 360 degree camera on the roof that takes a picture every half second or so.

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    Google Maps has a Street View that uses a panoramic (360°) picture. The image can be tilted up or down also.

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    Google Earth is the site. You want street view.

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