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Does anyone have a loan with Wells Fargo Auto? HELP!?

Does anyone else have loans through them? Are they as rude to you as they are to me???

I am a little behind on my loan and they call me 25x a day ( i'm not exaggerating! ) and then they ask me why I'm running late??? It's not their Business.

What have you done to resolve these issues with them? ( Don't suggest refinancing, because no one is financing cars right now)

Help! I can't deal with these rude people anymore!


The Calls are "generated by an automatic machine" they say!

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    I know what you are going through. I was in the same boat but I am not past due on my wells fargo auto loan. They called me at my job and home about 20 times from 8am to 8:30pm to ask me when I am going to pay before due date everyday until I paid on my date due. They called me like 10 days before the date due. They have done like this for a year before I started cussing them out really bad to the supervisor! I also told her I will seek lawsuit then they stopped call me. I haven't heard from them since 6 months. They are very nosy to ask me when I make a payment but I have been paying ON TIME for 3 1/2 years, Never late! I only have 6 months to pay off. I would never use this company again if I want to purchase other car in the future. The best thing to call them to speak with the supervisor to make them stop calling you at work or home. If she/he wont do it then you can file for harassment. Best of luck.

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    While I hate the commando tactics they use, not to mention how they waste their time and yours with so many calls, it absolutely is their business to get paid the money you promised them when you accepted the loan. If you know you are going to be late then call them first and tell them when they can expect to be paid. If you talk to them first, most will not hound you so much. They do this because so many people just blow them off. They also hope you will become so frustrated that you will pay. It is their job to be whatever they need to be to get you to pay. I don't condone being rude but I do understand that they are lied to more than a priest in a prostitutes confessional. Because so many bs them they start to act like everyone will. It is not right but not Entirely their fault. The only solution is to pay on time and let them know in advance when you are running a bit behind.

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    tell them are allowed 1 call a day and they need to post it to the file that they have spoken with you and get the person name that you spoke with and tell them that harassment is against the law

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