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Mice problem- would a cat help?

I bought my house foreclosed back in May. Now that it is getting colder, we have discovered that there is a mice problem. We have set traps and such, but I am wondering if a cat would help. We already have a dog, but he hasn't done anything to help our mice problem (although he does sleep in his cage when we aren't home and at night).

Do cats actually help catch mice in a residential area? Also, if I adopted a declawed cat from the Humane Society, would it still be able to catch mice?

I'd really rather just scare the mice away, as I don't want to have to go around picking up dead mice.

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    Call an exterminator. They will find out where/ how the mice got into your home. Plug up the holes/opening and kill the mice in your home. You won't have to touch the disease carrying rodents. And won't have anymore problem with mice getting into you home in the future.

    Cats will leave dead mice/ or body parts around and a bloody mess.

    Source(s): Watched "Verminators" on Discovery Channel
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    Getting A Cat For Mice

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    A declawed cat would have trouble catching mice and you don't want a cat eating mice or you have a new problem of having a cat with worms. You're better to stick with traps and baits to kill them. Once they've found a warm place for the winter you won't scare them away.


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    a cat will help BUT do NOT GET A CAT just for this purpose..

    they also need love & attention ..

    we had mice problems when we moved to a apt & the cat went after the mice however within a few weeks the mice caught on that there was a cat in the apt & stopped coming..

    good luck & maybe hiring a exteriminator would help too

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    My cat found a mouse once, she thought it was a toy. She brought it upstairs and wanted to play with it, and she showed it to me too. (picture me screaming and jumping up on a chair) She was a declawed cat (I don't support declawing now that I know more about it).

    So, can cats catch mice? Yep! But you never know what they will do with them afterwords. Kill them, eat them, play with them for a while then go nap, or carry them around the house showing everybody proudly.

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    it fairly is cool that they do a stable activity. be careful approximately calling a exterminator, they say that the poisons that they use do not kill domesticated animals, whether, I fairly have heard horror thoughts. try placing traps the place your cats can't attain fairly. The cats will ultimately kill adequate mice that different mice will pass on.

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    if your cat does do anything about the mice they will kill a mouse and then bring it's dead body to you for praise which can be really gross. in my opinion your best bet is to call an exterminator.

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