Which version of my CV is better?

Please help me because I really want to get a better job!

VERSION ONE:-------------------------------------


An English Literature and Media Writing graduate who possesses excellent communication and interpersonal skills. Seeking creative, media related position in the publishing industry. Varied experience including search marketing and web journalism. Advanced IT and Internet knowledge including web design skills. Able to work under pressure whilst meeting deadlines. Confident working in teams or independently, with some leadership experience and a strong sense of responsibility.


BA (Hons) in English Literary Studies with Creative Writing and Media - 2:1

Middlesex University 2007

My degree combined critical studies and creative writing with media studies developing my communication, interpersonal and analytical skills to a high standard. In group discussions I was regularly selected by my peers to be their spokesperson. I have studied modules from Shakespeare to post-modernism, all of which required me to do independent research and produce analytical written work and oral presentations on a weekly basis. Modules in my creative and media writing course ranged from feature to script writing giving me a variety of writing experience improving my copy-writing skills as well as encouraging my creativity.

A Levels - 3 (English B Media C History D)

GCSEs- 10 including English (A* A*) Maths (B B) and Science (B B)


Feb 2008 to date Telemarketing Executive, Adfero, London

Currently working on the commercial side of an international news agency. I introduce and promote our SEO enhanced news feeds to marketing directors of large and medium businesses. The service we offer is conceptual and therefore requires succinct description. This role has improved my communication skills and I enjoy working in an online publishing environment.

Mar 2007 to Mar 2008 Online Peer Advisor, Youthnet, London

I volunteered weekly on askTheSite.org writing direct responses to questions from young people regarding their relationships. My role involved publishing answers online using a CMS. I wrote about sensitive issues and provided individual, thoroughly researched answers whilst keeping within the tone and culture of askTheSite's writing style. I gained valuable writing experience and earned Millenium Volunteer status for working over 200 hours.

Aug 2007 to Feb 2008 Sales Advisor, Nine West, London

I worked on a commission basis as a sales advisor in a fashion store. My principle objective was to achieve sales targets and offer a high level of customer service. I won a competition to represent our brand and a fashion trend by producing a story board, proving my creativity and knowledge retention. I was selected to promote the store on the local radio station due to my ability to communicate effectively.

2000 to 2007 Various Part Time Positions

Alongside my education I worked as a bar person, waitress, office junior, promoter, retail assistant, telesales person and store supervisor. These roles developed my interpersonal skills as well as my confidence.


Written Communication

Throughout my English literature/language-focused education I have been required to write persuasive copy and I have consistently excelled, gaining top grades in all of my written coursework. I have also created copy for websites and I also write for pleasure.

Oral Communication

During my education I have given presentations and have effectively headed debates. I was also my year group's representative in my school council. I have honed my oral communication skills by dealing directly with customers and colleagues whilst working in teams. I have also promoted the company I currently work for on the radio.

Information Technology

I possess excellent IT skills and advanced computer knowledge. I can operate all Microsoft Office software and many other design packages. I also have very good IT support skills. I am a fast typist with a 75 WPM typing speed. I am also a confident web designer and developer with knowledge of HTML, working with Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Flash and Frontpage. I am also familiar with content management systems.


I have two maths GCSEs, Maths and Statistics. I was selected to take my maths exams early due to my advanced ability.


I have studied French to AS level and I can confidently read and write French. I also possess a good level of spoken French



2004 - 2007 BA Hons in English Lit and Media Writing, Middlesex University

2:1 Upper Second Class Honours

2002 - 2004 Advanced Levels, Havant College

English B, Media C, History D & First Year French

2000 - 2002 10 GCSES, Horndean Technology College

English Lit A*

English Lang A*

Maths BB

Art B

Science BB


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    1 decade ago
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    If you cut the waffle in the first one and possibly shorten it a bit to get straight to the point, then it will be the best. No one wants to read too much information, they just want the facts.

    I like the 2nd one because basically you get straight to the point.

    A combination of the two would be the best.

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  • 1 decade ago

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  • 1 decade ago

    First one but... In your first line i would change 'graduate who possesses' to 'graduate with' makes more sense.

    Also, you should include name of college/school where you did A-Levels and GCSEs.

    Would also include an achievements section at the end, and, of course, interested

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  • 1 decade ago

    First one is much more thorough and lets the future employer know more about you without even meeting you.

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  • ~Ben~
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    1 decade ago

    your well educated aren't you :)

    i think the first one

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  • 1 decade ago

    erm.. the first one innit

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  • Anonymous
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  • 1 decade ago


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