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Anonymous asked in Business & FinanceRenting & Real Estate · 1 decade ago

Question about renting?

My husband & I are currently renting a house and the lease is up Jan.31st. We will be moving 4 hours away and I've already been searching online for places to check out. My question is....when is it a good time to physically see these places? I was thinking mid December to make the trip, but I don't know if that would be too soon. Any realtors have advice? Thank you!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    If you're going to be renting in the new location, recognize that some of the specific properties you look at in mid-December will be rented for a lease beginning February 1.

    Nevertheless, that timing sounds about right. It'll certainly give you an opportunity to check out the different communities or areas. That's a big part of the decision about where to live--not just the specific house, but the neighborhood.

    And, as for the specific home search, I'd be nervous waiting until some time in January when I'd hope to find a place for February 1.

    So, sure, mid-December seems pretty good. You may find the specific house. If not, at least you'll have identified specific neighborhoods.

    Good luck.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I'd go NOW. And expect a couple trips. Be certain to carefully examine the neighborhood as a whole (particularly on weekend nights) and ask other tenants in your target building how the management is.

    I'd try for a 6 month lease to be re-newed if you like the place. I'd also expect to ultimately not like the first place I lived. Don't be too disappointed if you don't like it or the landlord is a pain.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I would start looking now. Most landlords will not hold a place for you for more than a month, but the application process can take time. If you start now then you should have something on hold by January.

    Source(s): I'm a property manager.
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