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what the difference between sine wave and Square wave in electric ?

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    Square waves can be obtained by Fourier synthesis of sine waves

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    A sine wave has many known properties for easier analysis of electric circuits compared to other shapes . This property makes it easier to convert time domain analysis to frequency domain analysis such that for steady state the formulae has no time component. For example L* sin(2 * pi * f * t) becomes the reactive impedence X. Hence for convenience the square wave is expressd as infinite number of sine waves having integer multiples of frequency using Fourier series.

    Components having higher multiples of frequency are known as Harmonics. Higher harmonics cause noice.

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    A sine wave is a smooth oscillating curve, whereas a square wave is composed only of vertical and horizontal lines.

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    As you know, in any calculation it is very tough to AC voltage's value which is varying all the time(going from positive to negative cycle) so we want to recognize a simple value which is RMS value taken by multiplying 0.707 to vp......Hence, Vrms is a voltage which is identical to the Vdc as they both done same amount of work.....

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