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calcium carbonate in eggshell

1. HCl and NaOH solutions are not primary standards and need to be standardised.

Suggest a primary standard for the present experiment and explain briefly how to

perform the standardisation.

2. Find another toxic chemical which is harmful to the wildlife species. Briefly describe its effect(s) and application(s)


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    Your question is about calcium carbonate in eggshell but you want

    to know how to standarize HCl & NaOH and toxic chemicals in

    the wild world. Actually what do you want to know about eggshell ?

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    HCl - standardized by known concentration Na2CO3 solution which prepared by anhydrous sodium carbonate , methyl orange indicator is used to detect the end-point.

    NaOH - standardized by known concentration sulphamic acid solution which prepared by sulphamic acid , phenolphthalein indicator is used to detect the end-point.

    I dont understand the 2nd question? There are many kind of toxic chemicals which are harmful to species.

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