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Historians believe that golf originated in Scotland. As early as that 1400s, pebbles were knocked into rabbit holes using a stick or club. In 1744, the first set of golfing regulations was created in Edinburgh. In the nearly town of St. Andrews, the Society of St. Andrews Links is one of the most famous courses in the world.

In 1888, a Scotsman named John Reid established the St. Andrews Golf Club in New York. In 1895, the United States Golf Association was formed, and by 1901 there were more than 1,000 golf courses in the U.S. Around this time, golfers from Scotland and England were invited to the U.S. has produced some of the world’s leading golfers, and the sport now has fans worldwide.


文法文法 裡面有什麼文法 我急需 拜託了~

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    歷史學家認為,高爾夫起源於蘇格蘭。早在1400s年 ,高爾夫球都是用棍子或棍棒進兔子洞。在1744年,第一套高爾夫球 規則成立於愛丁堡。近城鎮聖安德魯斯學會St. Andrews Links是世界上最有名的課程。

    1888年,蘇格蘭人名為約翰里德 在紐約成立了聖安德魯斯高爾夫俱樂部。 1895年,美國高爾夫協會成立,1901年時有超過1000個高爾夫球場,大約在這個時候,選手來自蘇格蘭和英格蘭被邀請到美國,已經產生了一些世界領先的選手,然而這項高爾夫球運動有著世界各地的球迷。

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