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Is your city a good place to live?

I live in PA in a little town but I don't like it. It's too cold, no public transportation, no jobs, there is nothing to do. I could like to move to a city, near the beach if possible and I was wondering how life is where you live.

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    Well, I live in the perfect place for you. I am from Norfolk, Virginia which is still sort of close to Pennsylvania if you start to miss home. We have Virginia Beach's ocean front 15 minutes away from downtown. The Metro area has a population of roughly 1.7 million. The unemployment rate is lower than that of most of the country. And we are the warmest area in Virginia year round because of our proximity to the beach which means that we don't see snow every year. Public transportation is moving forward with the construction of the light rail going on and we have the buses (Hampton Roads Transit) that run daily around the city. Shopping is a plenty with 8 malls and plenty of shopping centers. If you are into scenery then we have plenty of scenery with all the water in the area and much history with Williamsburg being close by. Also Williamsburg has Busch Gardens and Water Country USA theme parks if you want to have fun in the summer. Plenty to do and see here.

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    KC is an incredible place to stay. you will easily want to stay interior the suburbs. (easily no longer Raytown or Independence like the above reads. Independence is the methamphetamine capitol of the U. S. and Raytown has became into the ghetto.) i could recommend you pass south to Raymore, Belton or strange. those cities (cities) have eating places, Wal-Mart, Kohl's, etc... yet nonetheless have a small city atmosphere. you canchronic enormously lots everywhere interior of Kansas city in half-hour. you additionally can locate fairly priced housing in those cities. in case you have a much better budget, Overland Park, KS is likewise an incredible place to stay and interior of 15-half-hour of the city. the folk there are greater like the folk you will run into on the plaza, although. yet heavily, I easily have lived various places and that i think of the folk around indexed below are basically the final! supply us a raffle! :-)

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    I live outside of San Francisco, in the East Bay, in Concord. I love it. Good weather, good jobs, great public transportation (BART-our version of the subway- will get you to SF in about 40 minutes with no transfers or anything. It will also get you to Oakland in about 20.) The beach is about 30-45 minutes away. Great place to raise a family or just live in general!

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    I live in Augusta GA and it is ok, but want to move back up to New England to be in a more liberal area. Where I lived in Peachtree City GA before this I hated. It was full of super rich snobs and was about 95% Republican!

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    I am in Michigan and I love it here. I love the town that I live in I am only about 20 minutes from Lake Michigan. no jobs in Michigan unless you are in the medical field. We need nurses bad our medical field is growing fast.

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    KAYSVILLE UTAH!!! nice weather, beautiful views, Salt Lake City 20 minutes away (downtown salt lake). Nice people, good town, LOVE IT.

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    I'm not telling you where I live but it's pretty nice, about 30 minutes away from the city where my dad lives [mom and dad divorced]. I like it anyways.

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    hot in summer.. cold in winter... not too horrible,_Illinoi...

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