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What do you do to de - stress yourself?

Thank you all for answering!!!

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    Spend some time on Y!A ...J&R or P&S... reading the answers and you soon forget your stress because you soon realise there a lot of nutty people out there, like yourself.

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    What if you think for not getting stressed instead of first being stressed and then look out for methods of de-stressing. I think cardio-vascular exercises like walking, jogging, cycling for 20 minutes a day and five times a week will not let you enter in stressing mode. Also, change your food habits if you are fond of junk food; it also matters most for swinging mood. Try milk, red meat, eggs, chicken and fish. Also listen to your favorite music. Thanks.

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  • Anonymous
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    Take a ball and play with a child for 1 hour .

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    I swimm up to 3 hours a day, then after that here is my music.

    Take Care


  • Janet
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    Music heals the soul.

  • Arya
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    1 decade ago

    I useually watch film or listen music which gives peace.else started talking with friends male/female .

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    Pray or listening music

  • Socko
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    Either take a short nap, or listen to music.

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    Bunch of stuff pray, chat with friends, write down how I am feeling.

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