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How do you say Mercy in russian?

I wanna know. Ten points for best or funniest answers, but come on, lay off the swears words or words or genitalia or whatever else

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    Soh-strah-dAh-nee-ye (noun) would describe compassion to a suffering person. Stradaniye (страдание) is suffering, and So- prefix means 'together with you'. Mee-loh-sEr-dee-ye (noun) is ability to offer help to a person in need or trouble (used in somewhat religious context). Serd-tse means heart. Mee-lo- is 'lovely', 'beautiful'. Poh-s-sch-Ah-dah means forgiveness [for something very serious]. Someone would beg for poschada (пощади!). You may have problems saying this correctly, s-sch is the same letter as in infamous borscht, and English 'she'. Poh-mEE-loh-vat' is to forgive for a crime or a wrongdoing, you will find familiar "mee-lo" root in it. Proh-s-schE-nee-ye means act of forgiving. Proh-stEE means "I am sorry". I can proh-stit' Joe his silly answer.

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    The is no word for it in Russian. They're ruthless.

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