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Help with my Fear of Car Crashes?

I have a phobia regarding driving. Everytime my mother and I are driving on the high way, I have a terrible fear that we might get hit by another car. I also worry when my mother goes on a trip or even to any place where she is taking the high way that she may die.

I need to get over this fear!!! I can't avoid high ways for the rest of my life so what do I do? Should I get a safer vehicle?

What is a safe but cheap vehicle to get?

also, what are the stats on car crashes? Maybe I would feel better if I knew it was a slim chance of dying in a car crash.


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    I'm afraid of driving too. I often hallucinate crashes happening while I drive. So I don't recommend that. It makes it worse. :\

    However, once I get past my fear (and oftentimes I do when I drive) I realize that I'll be okay. You need to believe in yourself that you are a good driver.

    If all you drive in right now are side streets, kick it up a small notch and go to slightly busier main streets. Work your way up to busier streets. Find a highway with a lower speed limit. Better yet, what helped me with highways were rural areas -- they helped me feel more comfortable driving fast, and there aren't many cars.

    As far as cars go, I'm not too knowledgeable on this, but I would drive whatever car you feel most comfortable with, and of course has an air bag. Also, always wear your seatbelt the correct way. In Driver's Ed, I have learned that even wearing your seatbelt the incorrect way (like having the part that goes across your chest behind you/ect) can make matters much worse.

    Good luck! Don't give up and I won't either! I'm already well on my way of getting over it, so just believe in yourself!

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    Obviously your fears are due to the accident and the mistake that your friend's mother as the driver made. It sounds like you were lucky to have escaped without injury, but there seem to be emotional (or mental scars). The odd mood you were in was certainly due to shock which must have passed by now. I believe that your fears will gradually disappear and your confidence return, but that it will require some patience on your part. It would be very good for you to discuss this accident in detail with people who have the time and patience to listen and so help you re-live out the situation. You could also do this by visiting the place where it happened. If you friends cannot manage to do this, then you should discuss it with a clinical psychologist. When there is no alternative but to be driven in a car by somebody new, perhaps you could explain the state you are in so that the driver knows to go slowly and not to accelerate or brake violently.

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    No matter how safe your car is, you will still be afraid of car crashes!!

    I don't know how old you are, but I am gonna tell you right now that car crashes are the number one killer of teens. For adults car crashes are the number 5 killer. It is really scary, I know, but being a cautious driver no doubt help prevent accidents.

    You need to receive therapy for this phobia. Through systematic desensitization you will slowly be exposed to driving on the highway.

    You can do this!!! Best of luck!

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    fear car crashes

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    Just like falling off a horse, you have to get back on. There is nothing worse than living life in fear. The odds of that ever happening to you again is very small. Don't live in fear live in victory, (just do it) do that and you will be fine. "good luck"

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