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Will Japan Acquire Nuclear Weapons?

Does anyone believe that Japan will be armed with any nuclear weapons, before 2040?

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    Oh dear Japan has a research project headed by Dr Nishina.

    Dr. Nishina had established his own Laboratory at the Riken (the Institute for Physical and Chemical Research) in 1931 to study high-energy physics. He built his first 26 inch cyclotron in 1936, and another 60 inch 220 ton cyclotron in 1937. In 1938 Japan also purchased a cyclotron from the University of California, Berkeley.

    In 1939 Dr. Nishina recognized the military potential of nuclear fission, and was worried that the Americans were working on a nuclear weapon which might be used against Japan. Indeed, in 1939, President Franklin D. Roosevelt started the first investigations into fission weapons in the United States, which eventually evolved into the massive Manhattan Project (the very laboratory from which Japan purchased its own cyclotron would become one of the major sites for weapons research). Dr. Nishina tried to match the U.S. research, and promoted the development of a nuclear weapon. In October 1940, Lt. General Takeo Yasuda of the Japanese army finally decided that such a weapon was feasible and practical, and the Japanese atomic program started in July 1941 under the guidance of Dr. Nishina.

    So considering its already been underway for several decades yes and probably with ten years .

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    No. Japan is prohibited by US/Japan Military Agreement signed after losing the World War II not to arm itself with any weapons of mass destruction or any significant military force. Japan is only allowed for US approved military defense system. For this reason, there are several US military bases occupying Japan to this day in defense of the country.

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    Japan would not even enable nuclear geared up army ships to apply their port centers. the only hitch in it quite is North Korea, which for some reason has chosen to threaten Japan with nuclear missiles. ought to that ensue, usa could be obligated to retaliate in variety on Japan's behalf. i anticipate we'd get permission from China first, or possibly China and united states of america could act jointly.

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    i thought japan did have nuclear weapons

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    ever since Hiroshima and Nagasaki japan has been anti nuclear.

    if they do have nukes we have a couple thousand

    besides were great friends with japan

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    i think they already have them. why worry about Japan? Better worry about cuba, and venezuela, who putin just went to visit.....

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    theyve already got MegaMan

    we'd better start kissing

    their feets

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