How come white ppl think that King tut was not black african?

I hate it im on the internet and on yahoo answers. And white ppl will say anything

That king tut was arab some even said that he was white?

And idk where that came from.

Egypt is in africa. Egypt means black land. King tut had a black nose (flat) and thick lips. So did his father.

He married a nubian queen.

African ppl are diverse in looks west africans with there noses dark skin and thick lips don't look like north africans who have thinner noses and lips or east africans. Ethopians don't look like the ppl in kenya.

Do u guys understand that like europe where white ppl can have dark hair red hair pale to tan skin blue green brown eyes.

Africa is a continent where ppl have diverse looks!

Just like in asia where the filipinos don't look like the japenese!

I also heard in many structures white ppl had took his nose off, so he wouldn't look so black.

There are pyramids in egypt. But the first pyramids where built by another nation of african ppls.

And that one of the greatest philosphers in the world was african ptep

And that europeans learned so many things from the africans

How come they don't teach this stuff in school. Im 17 and have been obsessed researching reading encyclopedias and visiting museums on african history for months now. There is so much I have to say but I have no time.

Cleopatra wasn't black.(she's greek)

But king tut and his wife were.

And there were so many many other african kings and queens.

But how come the most known pharoh of africa white ppl say that he isn't african that he isn't black. It just makes absouletly NO SENSE!!!!

I mean jesus didn't have blond hair or blue eyes either (a whole another story he was arabic)

Y do they leave things out in the history books.

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    white people have stolen more legacy and culture than any race on the face of the earth. they made Jesus white, Cleopatra, King tut, the Queen of Sheba they'll continue to re write and distort history as long as the masses of African descendants remain uneducated, especially about who they are. We have allowed other people to write our history and control our images. Those that are in academia have written and made their own observations with no one to challenge their theory. They can say that they are more intelligent than Black people without any opposition most will believe it to be true, then they have control of our images so they only promote those that portray us in a negative light for the world to see. We then believe that which we see as our legacy in America. For instance the swastika which is used as a symbol of white supremacy is not even a European symbol, it's roots lie in both Africa and Asia. There were black Vikings. The bag pipe is not an Irish or welsh invention, Philosophy, medicine, algebra, oceanic navigation or the calender based on the sun not the moon are African not european concepts.

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      What a delusional little ******.

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    4 years ago

    This nonsense of black Egyptians and Africans who invented everything before anyone else has been going around for years. There are thousands of Egyptian mummies all over the world and it is quite simple to determine what race they were. Wishing won't make it so and claiming it does not make it true. Where did all the black Egyptians go anyway and why did they not take their culture with them when they went. There are no traces of it outside of Egypt and their immediate neighbors.

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    That's because certain people think they can change history. Actually, it's basically like stealing history, when you think about it. People will believe just about anything nowadays too, so it's not hard to convince them. Just look at movies like The Mummy. Egyptians are never portrayed as Africans.

    I've never heard of people taking off the noses on the statues too make them look less African though. Nor have I heard anything about a great philosopher. I'll have to look into that one.

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    History is written by the winners and a story told long enough becomes the truth somehow.

    For example, Columbus didn't discover America, there were already people here.

    Find out who wrote the original stories and who published the books and you will have your answer.

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    1 decade ago

    Your right Africans are diverse, King Tut had very full lips that's evidence right there but like your said we can have all sorts of features.

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    Because an unscientific method of analysis was used to try to prove he wasn't black (Another company a part of yet another company's analysis from a computer screen)

    His father was Akhenaten his grandmother was Queen Tiye (they don't know who his mother was). Google their images and judge for yourself

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    They like to take anything good, but there fast to give us O.J or pudding pops Cosby.

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    I think this article will explain.... it's mind-numbing

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    All ancient egyptians were black african,i'm arab and i'm saying this

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