What does marley's chain represent in a christmas carol?

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um...just read the question then answer it.
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Marley's chain is made up of everything he used to keep himself from caring about anyone else: the pursuit of money and property, being too busy with "business" to see those in need around him, the judgment of everyone and everything in terms of physical value, not emotional or spiritual value. They are represented by cash-boxes, money-purses, accounting ledgers, all large and made of steel and lead, dragging on him, weighing him down.
As Marley says, he made that chain himself while he was alive, by the choices he made and the paths he chose to walk, little realizing what a crushing burden it would be after his death.
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  • FLASH answered 6 years ago
    Each link was sin he committed in his life.
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  • ? answered 6 years ago
    I THINK it was like he was kinda mean and the chains were like hi work and stuff cause that is all he cared about gosh i forget but he said scroge would get them if he didn't change
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