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Would it hurt to have sand in my vagina?

this one guy at school who is my friend was joking around, and making fun of the gym teacher (who supervises the kids at breakfast, and is a guy by the way) for 'having sand up his vagina'

he was acting really mean, and we were all kidding around about how the reason he was being a '*****' is because he had sand in his vagina. I want to know, if this really happened, would it hurt, and how badly would it hurt?


I definitly am not going to try it... what if it hurts really bad!


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    wouldn't hurt as bad as rocks, or fire ants.

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    Sand from the beach or sandpaper? Sand from the beach is kinda okay depending on the geographical location.

    Sandpaper from Home Depot? Now the grit count is the thing. Watch the number count! Ask a Dude that works there.

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    I like to pound nails into my spleen and pull my fingernails off at least once a week, so I'm not the best person to ask necessarily, but I'm sure it would feel fine. Mix gravel and water, spin around a bunch of times, and you actually have concrete! Enjoy.

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    Oh, man, how immature.

    As long as it isn't moving around in there at all, then you should not feel pain, per say. You would have irritation the same as anything else like that and possibly get an infection that would cause pain.

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    This is not a good thing to do. Not only would it hurt and be very annoying It would also set up an infection and may be fatal. A lot of women get vaginal infections and put it off as just some simple irritation. Did you know that a vaginal yeast infection is in fact, fatal? Do not try this.

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    Source(s): My wife is a nurse, I asked her.
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    Well first off HE would not have sand in his vagina, unless he was really a she.

    Yes it would probably hurt like .... It would be very irritating and crusty.

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    ummm....ok interesting question.....

    well no of course it wouldn't be good and yes it would probably hurt.

    just think of hard particles absorbing the natural juices you have would make it dry and the sand could go farther up which could cause a major infection so i wouldn't advise it..ha ha

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    dont got a vagina but i bet sand would hurt there

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    first of all it would hurt like there's sand up there like there's a biiiiig bag of sand and guys dont have vagingas.thay have ....nvm but it would hurt really bad.

    Source(s): dont do it!.^.^
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