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research paper-drugs.?

im doin a research paper on drugs/alchohal/tabacco.

what should i do for my introduction?

paragraph 2.) Drugs

paragraph 3.) Alchohal

paragraph 4.) Tabacco

paragraph 5.) Conclusion.

-any ideas?

Thanks. <3 Jordan.

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    Smoking, drinking, and doing drugs can really affect people's ... Smokeless from:

    or: Some teens are tempted to try alcohol, tobacco, or drugs

    also: Drugs - Alcohol & Tobacco ... Is it dangerous to mix alcohol and other drugs? ... - Youth Alcohol, Tobacco, & Other Drugs: Use, Behavior, Perceptions & Attitudes from

    More: Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco

    Read chapters 7 and 8: Drugs Use and Abuse, and Alcohol and Tobacco. ... psychoactive drugs, pharmaceutical drugs, herbs, alcohol, and tobacco follow the ... - 69k - Cached

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    I am a former addict of alchohol and drugs. You can message me and ask anything you want. I would love to share my experience with others to try to help kids do what I did. I am 25 and have been through more than most

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    I'm not sure, but thought it might be worthwhile you mentioning, although alcohol may be legal it is in fact still a drug, with equally adverse affects.

    The reason it is legal is because like tobacco the damage to your health can be proven, so our government can make it legal and add tax for that reason. With other drugs, the long term affects are not yet clear, if you see here

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    Yeah learn how to spell alcohol and tobacco.

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