"The Core" Song Artist?

What is the name of the group who's song plays at when the crediting start to roll at the end?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I haven't seen that movie but here are the songs listed that were in it, if it was a kind of techno sounding song then it was probably "Sunblind" by BT, you can listen to snipets of the songs by looking for the titles on amazon.com, they normally have short samples from songs.

    Hope this helps some. Good luck finding it.


    by Jared Leto

    Performed by 30 Seconds to Mars

    Courtesy of Immortal Records LLC/Virgin Records America, Inc.

    Under license from EMI Film & TV Music

    "Weren't You the One"

    by Roger Kellaway & K. Lawrence Dunham

    Performed by Sherry Williams

    Courtesy of WilliamSound West


    by BT (as Brian Transeau) & Jan Johnston

    Performed by BT

    Vocals by Jan Johnston

    Courtesy of Embrace the Future, Inc

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