How do people that grew up in Africa (West) treat their women?

Ok, I know that is a generalized question and I don't mean to be rude. My boyfriend is from Africa (has been here about 7 years) and he is not mean at all, but is kinda bossy. Not controlling, but maybe selfish a tad bit? I mean he nice, not abusive, and not too bad, but just different. In particular he seems to watch my behavior infront of other people too to make sure I don't embarass him (at bars drinking and when his family is here, not all the time) he says it is his culture. Your thoughts?


ps. if it makes a difference he is Christian but grew up with a Muslim mother and Christian father.

Update 2:

No, He is from The Gambia, I am sure you know where it is, but for other people that haven't heard of it, it's by Senegal.

Update 3:

No, He is from The Gambia, I am sure you know where it is, but for other people that haven't heard of it, it's by Senegal.

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    is he nigerian? anyway, family is very important in african culture so he prob doesn't want you to embarrass him in front of his elders.

    but he should not be controlling. most of the people and most certainly most of the men in my life have been from west african origin and all men vary. some are laid back and some are not. i had a very jealous boyfriend before but now i'm with an angel so its up to you to find a man who suits you, wherever they come from. :-)

    edit: ezekiel. you are a true ignoramus. i'd be surprised if you knew your times tables with your level of stupidity.

    queer meer- why do people like to comment on cultures they know nothing about? we already know that most of you black americans have no idea about africa or african culture. so shut the hell up. most cultures have had women being treated as second class in the past but in modern times women have gained more equality. and yes, this even applies to the continent of africa too!

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    He sounds like a nice guy. I had a coworker from Sierra Lion that I like a lot and really respected. He said it is the most beautiful place in the world, and I promised him I would visit it someday.

    West Africa has been war torn for decades now. It is normal for a man to keep a close eye on any female relatives: sisters, wife, mother, daughter, nieces, etc. Women are frequently kidnapped by soldiers and horribly abused. If they return alive to there families, they often require hospitalization. Worse yet, the abuse is usually of a sexual kind, and so brutal that the women require reconstructive surgery, and can never have children.

    It is not a pretty place for a woman to live right now.

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    Ezekiel, don't believe what you learned about Africa from your history class. I suggest you travel to Africa and see for yourself. Africa is a big continent: East, West, North and South. Travel to any location and see that we Africans are civilized, have culture, have normal jobs and we are family oriented. Not some primates running around.

    Think about it... lol

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    All I can say is that Africa treats there women much, MUCH different then the western. The women haves to follow there husband or a man, she's second class.

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    to me africans are the nicest people i ever met!! the ones for Ethiopia omg!! hella nice!!

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    They tend to live in the really-long past of human.

    Who would go "ooogah ooogah" in the middle of a jungle? that only cover their small penis with a leaf ?

    I think your boy is a rare species tho.

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