New Coast Guard Unit... How are these places?

We are going to our new unit in April, after the husband finishes A School. We are trying to get an idea of what we would want to request, were it to come up on the list of billets. So... Anyone that is/has been stationed at these stations or anyone that lives in the area, can you give some info on what it is like? Negatives and positives of living in the area?

Port Angeles, WA

Port Townsend, WA

Tybee Island, GA

Port Isabel, TX

Any Alaska Units

Gulfport, MS

Everett, WA

Bellingham, WA

Any Louisiana units (Grand Isle etc.)

Outter Banks area of NC

Barnegat Light, NJ

If you can, include any first person info on things to do, economy, crime, and general life at the station. Thanks!

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    I have lived in Washington state my entire life so I can give you some info on those areas.

    Bellingham is an absolutely great place. Not a lot of crime as far as I know, it's more of a college town. A really neat place, and if you're into outdoor stuff i.e skiing. kayaking, etc that's the place. One thing though is it's not a huge city, so some of those amenities are absent. I'd highly reccomend it though.

    Everett is close to Seattle, which is just a great city that has all that big city crap you miss in Bellingham. As far as Everett is concerned, I think it's an alright place to be, but i'm sure it has it's nicer areas as well as some not so nice areas. Just depends on where you go.

    Port Townsend and the olympic peninsula in general are quite beautiful. It's quite a bit smaller than the aforementioned areas, so if you're into that whole small town thing you might like this place. It's a neat old town. Most likely wouldn't have to worry about crime like you might in Everett.

    Port Angeles is quite similar to Port townsend in that they're smaller NW costal towns. In my opinion both would be great places to live.

    On important factor that would pertain to each Washington station you mentioned would be the weather. It's quite cloudy and rainy in western washington (especially the towns on the olympic peninsula). The summers get pretty warm and sunny though and there are usually a couple days in July over 100 degrees.

    I've always loved our weather, but I've lived in it my whole life so I'm biased. I know a gal who just moved here from florida and hates the weather. I guess it's just a matter of personal preference.

    I highly reccomend the Washington stations, however. Really an awesome place to live.

    Anyway, good luck in your endeavors and your husbands service is appreciated.

    Source(s): A lifelong Washingtonian...
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    Most of the opposite respondents have it obviously correct, in that there is not any technique to reply this query with any measure of accuracy. It's stylish on what you favor, it is stylish on who you are with, it is stylish on what the present command is like, there are simply too many variables. Like many right here, I've been stationed everywhere and appreciated many areas. That mentioned, I consider such a lot Coasties could say "the unit I'm at now". The Coast Guard is filled with satisfactory individuals and satisfactory items, none people could nonetheless be right here if we did not like our jobs and the individuals we paintings with.

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    I don't have any personal knowledge of any of these specific locations, but I've never met anyone that didn't love Alaska, especially if you are an outdoors person.

    Source(s): 24 years A/D CG.
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