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"soft peter" how long does it take to get out of your system?

you know how in jail or rehab they give you somehting people call "soft peter" how long does this stay in your system? Like how many days after they get out will it not be in their system anymore?

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    Soft Peter? I've heard of saltpeter, one of the ingredients in gun powder. Rumors hint that this was given in the military (& perhaps also in prison) to reduce sex drive/erectile function. Most sources say potassium nitrate (saltpeter) does not affect libido. That's a grandiose claim in itself, as lots of things can affect libido, including getting sick from chemicals. However, it's doubtful that there is anything like that in the food. A more plausible explanation for sexual problems among men living in confined quarters is that the social situation increases inhibition & anxiety while decreasing comfort & relaxation. This has been demonstrated in animal populations. Psychological factors can

    affect libido/sexual function.

    Back to your question, there's no "washout" period for a drug that isn't administered.

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    Soft Peter

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    Saltpeter -- yes, it can be given to animals to lower the sex drive. I suspect that only some states would allow such a thing and I am not at all convinced that any do -- if any do, it is probably a matter of weeks, possibly months before it is completely cleared from the system. There is really no evidence of such a thing however.

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    soft peter long system

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    Salt peter is not used by government agencies to lower libidos. If you or your partner is having a problem then it is more then likely psychological in nature.

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    Right because the federal government is completly honest about the things they do and give people

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