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Which U.S. bank is better: Bank of America or TD Bank?

I want to open a checking account, which bank is better Bank of America or TD Bank?

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    I am not too familiar with TD bank, but i do know Bank of America.

    Bank of America is a terrible bank who does not care about its customers.

    I have know Bank of America to mess up accounts, causing customers finances to be in disarray and take their time fixing it.

    They are also infamous for reporting "account fraud" on accounts that have only been overdrawn by $20. Other banks will report it a minor thing (because it is) and it won't hurt your credit score too bad. But Bank of America will report everything as account fraud which is serious and it will really hurt your credit score!

    Stay clear of Bank of America.

    And i would recommend looking into credit unions. They have lower fees, and better savings rates - not to mention that they are safer than many of the bigger banks.

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    Good answers, just what I was looking for.

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