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Why does Obama support Israel instead of supporting peace and being neutral?

Why have we always supported Israel for that matter, and continue to fund them, at the cost of pissing off most of the middle east and al qaeda?

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    I wish the US wouldn't take sides. Promoting peace would cause less hate towards the US

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    Because in 1948, the civilized world felt that the we should assist the Jews in returning to the Middle East and we assisted them in re-establishing their nation. Palestine was a British protectorate, and since the Israelis had originated there, that's where the nation was re-established. The Arabs didn't like it and war ensued. We support them because there are a lot of Jewish Americans who care about Israel. Thus, they are our allies. Get over it. Stop being such a puss. The West has always struggled against the brown hordes. The Crusades - The Moorish invasion of Spain. This is just another episode. Be a man and fight, instead of being so afraid.

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    Actually Israel supports peace, so it is being neutral to support Israel. You can support the Palestinians who want peace at the same time. It's just not their government, nor the majority there, who think that's more important than wiping Israel off the map.

    Who they are pissing off were already pissed off - that's why they aren't our allies to begin with. BEFORE Aipac in the 1950's the US tried to form allies with all those other countries. Deals were changed as tribal leaderships made new arrangments, rulers changed plans & eventually the US became an ally with Israel so it would have some base in the ME.

    Those pissed off folks also aren't looking for peace. So, it matters that we don't go along with their agenda?

    Al Quaeda & other areas of the ME using Israel as an excuse. They are mad because of the whole western, freedoms, secularism, NOT being MUSLIM thing. It's a different war than the Israel one (different dynamics). You aren't going to make peace with them over Israel, because what they want is the world to not include our "evil" influences. On top of that they think classic anti-semitic garbage such as that the Jews run the US & the world, so no amount of sane action will produce sane reaction. These are fundemenalists.

    Israel is the canary in the coal mine. Who do you think they'll hit next after they wipe away Israel?

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    We certainly wouldn't want to piss off anyone in the Middle East or al Qaeda! Where on earth would we get our oil?

    You imply that Israel doesn't want peace. Perhaps you didn't know that Israel has agreed to every peace proposal ever submitted. The Palestinians have agreed to NONE, ZERO, ZIP!

    Palestinians were offered half of the Palestinian Mandate in 1948 but refused it; Arabs controlled the West Bank and Gaza from 1948 to 1967, yet no Palestinian political entity arose in either place, not even provisionally. Now Palestinians completely control Gaza, but rather than building a state there, they claim that they are under Israeli occupation.

    The common explanation is that the Palestinians want a state encompassing the entire former Palestinian Mandate. But a more likely explanation is that the Palestinian national movement is not and has never been a national movement in the ordinary sense of the term. It was for a long time the vanguard of the Arab nationalist movement and is today the front line of aggressive Islamism. The establishment of a state is not the goal. The elimination of a state is not the goal. The elimination of a foreign, non-Arab, non-Muslim entity is the goal.

    “We will have peace with the Arabs when they love their children more than they hate us.” Golda Meir 1957, before the National Press Club in Washington

    Are Palestinians the first refugee population in history? Hardly. But they are surely the first refugees who, as a group, have categorically RESISTED RESETTLEMENT, instead living for decades as wards of the international community. Indeed, in Gaza today, years after Israel renounced any territorial claims, there continue to be refugee camps. Why? Why -- other than to serve as incubators for hatred that produce recruits bent on martyrdom and mayhem -- are there Palestinian refugee camps in Palestinian territory?


    The trust deficit is exacerbated by the fact that after Israel quit the Gaza Strip in 2005, Palestinians, instead of building Singapore there, built Somalia and focused not on how to make microchips, but on how to make rockets to hit Israel. Thomas Friedman



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    I attended a forum recently where an Israeli Jew was criticizing the human rights record of the Israeli government.

    At the end, I asked him this question. "If you wished to live in a multi-cultural society where women have full rights, religious and ethnic minorities have full rights, everyone has access to courts, the press was free, and the judiciary was fairly honest, would you prefer to live in Syria, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, or Israel?" (These are Israel's immediate neighbors.)

    He would not give a direct answer, and I asked twice, "Please, sir, will you answer the question?"

    I had attended with an anti-Israeli lady and her blind friend. Later, during a polite but intense discussion with other Jews and Palestinian Arabs, the blind lady sidled up to me and murmured "You know, that guy never did answer your question."

    America sides with Israel because Israel is the nation in that region that is most like us. Not perfect, just fairly free and fairly honest, and fairly trustworthy, a muli-ethnic democracy.

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    The US and Israel have been allies for what seems like forever. We have treaties between our countries, we are on the same boards and committees. Even if Obama hated Israel, his hands are tied. He has no say in the matter.

    Israel is a free and peaceful county, it is too bad where it is located. Sometime, due to its connections with the US, it is the only thing that keeps the people there safe.

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    With 6 million Jews living in America with a lot of wealth and poiltical power, what do you expect? Have you ever been to Israel? I doubt it. If you had, you would come back supporting them too. I recommend reading a book about the history of Israel before you start spouting ignorant questions like this one.

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    First, answer what you think is better for the world and lasting peace: Democracies or Theocracies (governments controlled by religious leaders).

    Start naming Democracies and Theocracies in the Middle East.

    Now you know why we support Israel.

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    Israel has been good to us as well. Any government that has truly sought peace with Israel (Egypt, Jordan) has found it.

    They are closest to representing the idea of Democracy in the Middle East, and now Iraq is emerging to possibly be the second. Democracies have yet to declare war on each other.

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    I suggest you read Gen 12:3. Why do you support going against the word and will of the Most High God, creator of the universe?

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    Obama is for peace, which is why he supports Israel.

    Those who support Israel are pro-peace.

    Israel's Arab neighbors are the ones who have historically opposed all peaceful resulotions, going back as far as 1947!

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