Anyone have the CGMS yet?

I just got mine last was a surprise because my insurance company (CIGNA) kept denying me but then they suddenly approved it. I guess Minimed recently sent out some research results to insurance companies that is starting to change their minds, so try again if you've been denied in the past. Anyway, just wondering if anyone has any tips or tricks that have worked well for them, or anything they've learned from using it? I'll be downloading my first round of data tomorrow.


I already had the Minimed 522 pump, so that's why I went with that brand. My diabetes educator says the major brands are all fairly similar in quality, so I guess just go with the brand of pump you like.

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    Yea!!! we are finally getting through to the insurance companies that we now live in the 21st century and things like continuous monitoring can help us to be more in compliance and not as expensive as our mothers and grandmothers were in losing toes, fingers and eyes, let alone kidneys.

    We just need to be as proactive on the insurance companies as we are with our treatments.

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    I am so happy for you!! I am looking into buying one and asked a ? about which one is better, no answers yet. I don't think a lot of people have them yet, I guess. But I am glad you got one approved! Let me know how it goes for you!

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    Congratulations on getting it. I'm glad you got approved finally.

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