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bailout the big three automakers?

Ok, now it getting ridiculous. We bailed out wall street, now the automakers want some of the action too. American auto-manufacturing has been mismanaged too long. Overpaid workers and management. Plus, incorporating "design for failure" into their autos is what has brought these dinosaurs down. They have been on the decline for years before these economic troubles. Detroit needs to make changes to their out-dated practices, not seek bailout money for more of the same garbage.

So, do you believe the Big Three deserve government assistance and bailout dollars? If so, why?


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    As I said before:

    Do you people honestly have any idea what you are talking about? Do some research. Travel to Michigan with the highest unemployment rating in the U.S. The big three support America. One in every ten jobs revolves around the auto industry, and most of you don't even know it. I'll bet you would all lose your jobs if they go under, and you should. I hope you do because you have no empathy. Do you know how much the big three matter in America? Do you know how much they donated to 9/11? Only Hyundai and VW donated ANYTHING to 9/11 victims, and the ones who did that weren't the companies, they were the workers. One small town that has a dealership supports the community. How many small towns are in America? If each town goes under, count how many small towns are in America. You give 700 billion to mortgage people? How many jobs do they support? 50,000? Less? Go ahead, buy your foreign car. I hope every time you get inside, you will think of how much deeper you are digging us into this depression. Do you know that the Ford Escape Hybrid gets more gas mileage than a Hyundai? 35 mpg. Buy foreign if you hate America, you're going to make us all live in boxes. If you have a problem with the bailout or the big three, get out of America to go live in Japan where they want you. You people disgust me. I can't wait for Obama to get into office.

    If the big three go under, so will America. America is known for its vehicles, and if they go under, America will be known for idiots like you who hate America.

    By the way, the bailout is to keep the big three running without going bankrupt. They can't afford to change anything right now, and they couldn't afford it a year ago. That's why they aren't changing their cars. God, people are so STUPID!

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    I agree with all of your astute comments. Well said. I think there should be stipulations for any form of bailout. The unions are too strong and should reconvene and renegotiate the contracts. There are people there that when on layoff status are paid 97% of their salaries to do nothing but wait until they are back to work. Now that is ridiculous. Now they are saying GM should be allowed to go bankrupt and the others should be fine. But the CEOs of these two companies left have to get on the ball with the unions and cut costs and salaries. To not give them the money for bailout means a lot of lost revenue in taxes for the government. Some analyst said a difference of 50 mill bailout vs 150 mill in taxes annually. Now I realize the numbers are debatable. CNN said that Chrysler said it would mean 31 million out of work but it is more like 13 million. The previous amt included all secondary businesses including cabbies etc. If the big three were allowed to go bankrupt then what would happen to the warranties of all the cars. Also if you cut the salaries too much, would you really want a car manufactured by a disgruntled employee? Yikes. So I think they should take the time necessary to get this bailout right or they will be back in 6 months for more money.

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    I understand how you feel and in many ways i feel the same. But there is a old saying - how GM goes so does the country. If GM and the others fail it would set off a chain effect-people who dont work for them might work for a company which supplies parts to a company which also supplies parts to a company which supplies parts to GM. Think of the domino effect-all of those jobs-not just the high paid ones at the Big Three but countless other companies who are connected in some form or another with GM.

    You might have never worked in any factory in your entire life-you might have a degree of some form or another and work in a company which you feel has nothing to do with the auto industry. If the American auto manufacturers go down it could end up affecting you in some form. I could think of several ways it could hurt all of us.

    Regardless im not 100% for the bailout. There should be strict conditions on how it is used. Not a dime of the money should be used to go to the UAW nor should it be used to go to any company execs or CEOs. No freakin bonuses-none of that garbage. It should strictly be used for re-tooling the industry and getting them into producing cars Americans and the rest of the world want and will buy.

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    Yes I do. I live about 20-30 from Detroit, and if the Big Three go under, it won't just affect Michigan. Recently, I read that 1 in 10 workers were tied to the auto industry, either as employees, suppliers, owners of dealerships, factory managers, etc. Now, although you might be heartless towards those people's jobs, they are not the only ones affected. Small businesses will be affected near areas where many workers are laid off, because they will be short on money. According to, 13 million people will be affected if they go under.

    And please explain "outdated practices" and "design for failure" because GM offering a 100,000 Mile/ 5 Year Warranty increases my confidence in them to produce quality AMERICAN MADE vehicles, not some North Korean ricer made in a sweat shop.

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    Screw the Big Three. They don’t know what they are doing. Even if they come out with an electric car or a new hybrid nobody would buy it because it has the Ford or Chevy logo on it, which nobody trusts and buyers associate with lower quality. If we are going to give anyone the 25 billion to jump start our auto industry I say give the money to a company with a world renown reputation for producing futuristic and technically innovative products that everyone wants to buy. Products that raise the bar for all competitors in the market. I say give the 25 billion to Steve Jobs to make an iCar. You know people all over the world will be waiting in line to buy one!

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    I agree 100% with your assessment of the situation and your overall anger at how we as a people are being treated . You anger and frustration is coming through loud and clear. I also realize that those who favor Government bailouts will argue that so much of the economy and peoples lives are at stake if the auto industry is allowed to fail....Welll my thinking is .....Let the free makret system prevail.........Let them fix thier problems and not rely on a GVT handout...I would argue that all those people in charge in Detroit have been screaming for decades about teh welfare system in our country for the poor people and the abuse that is prevalent in the system Now they are asking for the same thing...Wlefare at the cost of us the taxpayers.....It will be rough if they are allowed to falter and one or maybe two will go down but form the ashes we may see the rise of a stornger/leaner auto industry-one that is able to truly compete with the world in that industry- one that isnot bloated by riduclous outdated labor laws-contracts etc etd. It goes on and on

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    Rebuttal :

    How dare you be so Un-American !

    After all that the Big Three have done for you !

    "See the U.S.A in a Chevrolet" ~ they don't sing that in France, you know.

    It is imperative that we hand over 25 billion dollars to this handful of elite corporate dilettantes. I will even volunteer to carry it to their private jets.

    Look....the answer to this dilemma is as simple and "American" as Bozo the Clown.

    They want the money - that should be good enough for us .

    Plus, in your heart, you know Bozo would do it.

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    The UAW has been a cash cow for the Dem. party for as long as I can remember. Unfortunately this is pay-back time. With the democratic party in control it will be hard to stop a bail-out.

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    Screw them! It's survival of the fittest. I hope they fail big time because they're not giving us what we really need, electric cars. If they were smart, management would learn from Honda and Toyota.

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