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Anonymous asked in Society & CultureReligion & Spirituality · 1 decade ago

How much is the net-worth of the world wide Roman Catholic Churchs? ?

Seems to me, if you add it all up, real estate, buildings, gold artifacts, paintings, cars, airplanes, etc.....all tax free.....must be in the billions $$$.


nature boy....I didn't ask what the church said they made in 1 year.


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  • 1 decade ago
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    "The Vatican has large investments with the Rothschilds of Britain, France and America, with the Hambros Bank, with the Credit Suisse in London and Zurich. In the United States it has large investments with the Morgan Bank, the Chase-Manhattan Bank, the First National Bank of New York, the Bankers Trust Company, and others. The Vatican has billions of shares in the most powerful international corporations such as Gulf Oil, Shell, General Motors, Bethlehem Steel, General Electric, International Business Machines, T.W.A., etc. At a conservative estimate, these amount to more than 500 million dollars in the U.S.A. alone.

    Now you do the math. Way too much in my estimation.

    EDIT: "The Vatican's treasure of solid gold has been estimated by the United Nations World Magazine to amount to several billion dollars. A large bulk of this is stored in gold ingots with the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank, while banks in England and Switzerland hold the rest. But this is just a small portion of the wealth of the Vatican, which in the U.S. alone, is greater than that of the five wealthiest giant corporations of the country. When to that is added all the real estate, property, stocks and shares abroad, then the staggering accumulation of the wealth of the Catholic church becomes so formidable as to defy any rational assessment.

    EDIT: "The Catholic church is the biggest financial power, wealth accumulator and property owner in existence. She is a greater possessor of material riches than any other single institution, corporation, bank, giant trust, government or state of the whole globe. The pope, as the visible ruler of this immense amassment of wealth, is consequently the richest individual of the twentieth century. No one can realistically assess how much he is worth in terms of billions of dollars."

  • urias
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    5 years ago

    Catholic Church Net Worth

  • 6 years ago

    I can state that in comparison to income, the amounts on record that have been donated in real dollars is about 9.8 Million for 2014. Considering the Churches income from interest earned, tithes, gifts etc exceeds 5 trillion, I think maybe the Pope should stop telling other countries to step up to plate and give when they have no cost of doing business as a normal business do. What would 10% be of 5 trillion? I think that is 50 billion would be close to a right amount to give and not 9 million which is what the Vatican affords social charities now?.

  • 6 years ago

    This Site Might Help You.


    How much is the net-worth of the world wide Roman Catholic Churchs? ?

    Seems to me, if you add it all up, real estate, buildings, gold artifacts, paintings, cars, airplanes, etc.....all tax free.....must be in the billions $$$.

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  • 5 years ago

    I am glad to see that the church has that much wealth. Noting it is the worlds largest charity. There are catholic missionaries in parts of the world that none of you who criticize the church would dare go. The Catholic church is criticized by the same people who wouldn t spare $1 for their fellow man on the street. They fund homeless services, medical relief and so forth in areas of the world no one goes. The critics of the church see these starving children on TV every day but never pick up the phone and donate a dollar. Also the catholic churchs beautiful buildings and wealth are paid for by Parish folks like me who donate our hard earned dollars. So if you did not donate a dollar to them don t criticize them or worry about their finances, you didn t contribute to it.

  • 4 years ago

    Vatican Net Worth

  • 7 years ago

    Church owns more than 2-3 trillion euro net worth , actually church controlls the world because it is the largest invester in rothschild bank and many famous investment advisorys in the world

  • 7 years ago

    As a victim of sex abuse by catholic clergy let me tell you what I've sussed.

    2000 years of being the largest christian religion on the planet with direct ties to many of the empires that have ruled this planet. Empires like Spain, Portugal; France; Germany, Roman all gave the church a big slice of the stolen pie.

    Not only 2000 years of wealth has been accumulated by the church but the church "inherited" the accumulated wealth of all the "pagan' religions that came before them. How many trillions or guadrillions etc. that piles up to be (not forgetting compound interest over the centuries) is never to be known. It should be known and dispersed but the the likelyhood of that happening is next to zero.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    to all Muslims out there and other non-Christian denominations.... what year is it? 2014? Well that's based on Christianity! If you evil people disbelieve Christianity, then find your own calendar and don't be hypercritical! Islam is wrong and the devil of this world. Praying 5 times a day won't help you. You are all going to burning hell. Don't worry now... you won't, but as you take your last breath... you are DOOMED! Accept Jesus Christ.... otherwise your existence here and later is pointless. Anyone for a bacon sandwich? Bye!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Well, lets see, there are about 5 parishes in my community alone, the buildings and property alone is worth about half a million each if not more, multiply that by everything else in the world, and being tax free, WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Nature the doesn't ask how much the church made in one year!!! It asks for their net worth!!!

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