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My Dad bet a lot on 4D,when he strike 4D he feel happy when he loose he will get angry, is it because of luck?

last few months he always strike , but now he loose every draw so he intend to seek for master and temple which specialise in giving 4D i scare he will be cheated by those ppl

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    Winning or losing a 4D betting is solely depends on luck. Sometimes a person may have luck continuously while at times a person will be luckless for a long time. Your father was lucky to win a number of times past few months but your dad has to understand one cannot have good luck all the time. The winning numbers given by that master were just coincidence. If that master was that good in predicting numbers why did he had to resort to "giving consultation" to earn money ?

    I know your dad will not listen to you if you talk to him about this "luck" stuff. If you know of someone who is also into betting on 4Ds but is not as obsessed as your dad, try to get that person to talk to him rationally or even better if you could find someone who had sought that master before but ended up losing all his bettings to talk to your father. Your dad would probably listen ( a bit ) to those who are also into betting 4D numbers and those who have had not so good experience with that master before rather than listen to you ( his son ). He'll feel that if he listens to you and he'll have "no face". So try getting the right people to talk to him over this. He may or may not listen or even listen partially but you need to try. It's not easy but it is also not impossible.

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    Don't let those people cheat him ... instead 'cheat' your dad yourself ... since you have the power to know what number coming out, ask him to give you some money before giving him the lucky number ... out of 10 times, let him strike 7~8 times .... and if he gives you more money, then give him the 1st prize ~ 3rd prize lucky number ... what do you do with the money he gave you ? Save it and when you have enough, run off to Thailand to find a new wife ... oh .. I mean 'life' ....

    Your power to know the number will vanish if you decides to buy 4D yourself ...

    Source(s): Aku Bean and Wild amat
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    4D is a betting game, its a game. Its nothing related to luck, you may have technique for that. They have this pattern and you have to find em. Learn Probability in school and you'll find this kinda game interesting.

    If the result is comp generated, you hv to find the pattern of calculation or arrangements. If this is human based, human tend to bias, some like this number more than this number etc.. etc.. Everything got flaw, all you have to do is find em.

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    It is because of greed, anger and delusion. Your dad has a very big ego and therefore is very selfish. Selfishness leads to greed and when he can not get what he wants he turns to anger. Angry for not getting what he want; for getting what he does not want. With habitual anger he becomes deluded; the world owes him a lot. With a deluded mind, a very big ego and a selfish nature, who can he turn to? - only darkness, the unknown. To be cheated is just physical lost of wealth but to be in total darkness is like to be in hell. Be brave (not scare) and lead your dad from darkness to light; with LOVE.

    Source(s): Buddha's Teaching
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    4D is a game of chance, where your dad will be angry for much of the time ....

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    Thats why in Islam, God told us not to gambling..its bad..your situation proves it that its not gonna benefit your dad anything..yes..he did won some..but he loose in the end, right? when loosing invites anger.. well, getting angry is one of the reason that gambling is bad..

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    hi man....

    no offence.... but i know u are not a 80 years old man... i know u are much much much younger than that....

    just look at your questions....

    ^i pening tau tgk soalan sama everyday :(

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